“Love Is a Cat native Hell” functions Pierce the Veil’s vocalist Vic Fuentes.The location of the tune is a recommendation to Charles Bukowski’s collection of poems title Love Is a Dog… review More 

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I view the way that you actI'm no impressed by any type of of her liesI check out the means you pretend to be so collectYou're the end of your mindYou fell over the words the you reduce on the groundYou're no fooling anybodyAnd I'm no fooling aroundWhat goes approximately comes ago aroundIs coming around for youSo what made friend think ns wouldn't eventually come the end of mine skullAbove friend I host your secretsThey're hanging right above your headAnd you deserve to bet that they'll believe itAnd I believe that you're blackmailed and defeatedSo what great are your words anywayThey're simply a series of acting and also playsWhat great are your words anywaySomber dim lightsSomber dim lights

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Your facade, it's no true, it's not you, what a shameThe means you are, is why you feel, the way you do, you fallacyI check out the means that you act, I'm no impressed by any type of of her lies (Don't it is in deceived)I view the method you ~ pretend to it is in so collect, you're the end of her mind. (You're out of your mind)Your destinyAbove all I host the secretsThey're hanging right around your head, babyYou space defeatedThis time it's coming earlier around(You room defeated)Somber dim lightsSomber dim lightsAbove girlfriend I hold your secretsThey're hanging right over your headAnd you can bet that they'll believe itAnd I think that you're blackmailed and defeated
“Love Is a Cat indigenous Hell” features Pierce the Veil’s vocalist Vic Fuentes.

The title of the tune is a reference to Charles Bukowski’s arsenal of poems titled Love Is a Dog indigenous Hell.

This track is fun, energetic and moves. A bulk of it to be written prior to we struggle the studio. Lyrically, it’s around a human being who upsets you come the core with foolish acts, bad motives and ignorant logic. It’s very sarcastic and also it’s the can be fried retaliation song. It features guest vocals through Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil, who came right into the photo very so late in the record process. Us wanted some guest vocals on the album and also thought Vic fit well on this song. This was also one the the couple of new songs us played live top top our an initial tours together the “new” Chiodos.“- Chiodos vocalist Brandon Bolmer