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"Look At Him And Laugh" is a mocking expression frequently used digital to subtitle reaction images of characters pointing and laughing, or photographs featuring cringeworthy topics.


The earliest known picture macro featuring the expression was a 60s Spider-Man image showing the superhero pointing alongside two police police officers laughing with the inscription "Look at him / Look at him and also laugh" (presented below). While the image is rumored to have originated on 4chan, the earliest archived version was posted on the Reactivity Imeras Tumblr page<1> on April sixth, 2011.



On September 2nine, 2011, a Facebook<7> web page titled "Look at him, look at him and also laugh" was launched. On July 2sixth, 2012, the image was posted in a threview on 4chan"s /a/ (anime) board.<2> On June 13th, 2013, Imgur<8> user phatso posted an animated GIF featuring a guy transdeveloping into a Charizard Pokemon titled "Look at him, look at him and laugh" (shown below).


On August 16th, 2014, FunnyJunk user Labao uploaded a GIF of a male failing to jump over a chain titled "Look at Him, Look at Him and Laugh" (presented below, left). On August 1nine, Redditor allkill submitted a photo of an elderly male looking disapprovingly at a man holding an anime body pillow via the title "Look! Look at him and laugh" to the /r/funny<9> subreddit.

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