Pennsylvania State Police to speak he has been operating for a decade, plus there's there's a brand-new mob clubhouse in south Philly and John 'Sonny' Fanzese dies at 103


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candid Scarpato is charged through running in a loan-sharking procedure in Philadelphia and also Delaware County. The southern Philly resident to be arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police in February. Cops allegedly found $10,000 cash, guns and also handwritten ledgers inside a for sure in his house.

In the latest episode that Mob talk Sitdown, philly mob specialists George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser discuss the arrest of frank Scarpato because that allegedly running a loan-sharking operation in Philadelphia and also Delaware County.

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Scarapato, 52, of south Philly, was arrested through the Pennsylvania State Police in February ~ cops allegdly discovered $10,000 cash, guns and also handwritten ledgers within a safe in his house. Investigators claim Scarapato was charging 56% interest on a 26-week loan. That is charged with running a corruption organization, making terroristic threats and also extortion.

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Meanwhile, some alleged philadelph mobsters have moved come a brand-new clubhouse near Ninth and also Catharine steets. Anastasia explains clubhouses space not so much a mob point as they room a southern Philly point – a place to meet for lunch and also coffee. Be certain the Philadelphia police and local FBI agents are mindful it exists, he says.

And last month, new York Mafia symbol John "Sonny" Fanzese passed away at age 103. He spent about 40 year of his life in prison, most recently at the age of 94 ~ being discovered guilty that shaking under strip clubs in new York City. Franzese to be released from jail at period 100 and at the moment he was the earliest mobster in commonwealth prison system.

Franzese rose to second-in-command in the Colombo crime family and also authorities think he was connected to as plenty of as 50 mob homicides. Franzese passed away Feb. 24.

In episode 37 of Mob speak Sitdown, philly mob professionals George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser highlight the 10 Oscar nominations obtained by 'The Irishman,' the Netflix film around Frank Sheeran's relationship to Jimmy Hoffa.

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Anastasia praises Joe Pesci's performance together Russell Buafalino as the movie's best. He has actually less love for Robert De Niro, who he look at as play the exact same character in every lot movie.

The duo additionally plays a record from one interview retirement FBI certified dealer Jerri Williams performed with another retired, john Tamm, that monitored Sheeran. Tamm explains why he doubt Sheeran in reality pulled the create on Hoffa, as portrayed in 'The Irishman.'

Anastasia and also Schratwieser likewise discuss the open up letter previous mob associate Mike D'Urso – who cooperated with prosecutors versus the Genovese crime household – penned to the mafia. And also they information the "possible squeeze out play" versus Pete Tuccio, a girlfriend of philly mob boss Joey Merlino.