Just end a year and also a fifty percent ago, I moved to Reno, Nevada. I had actually no idea what the was like to live below as a 20-something. There weren’t many civilization talking around it despite the truth that A many young professionals were relocating here. Mine dad was the one really hyping up Reno. My mom and dad relocated to downtown Reno around a year before I did and were loving it.

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When I acquired a task offer in Reno, ns figured “What the hell? below goes nothing.” I discovered an apartment downtown at 3rd Street Flats and the rest is history. All the said, there room not many people talking about what it’s like to live in Reno. Civilization who no from right here perceive it as a casino-ridden city well-known for quickie divorces (I’m no kidding).

So I’m here to re-superstructure the pros and also cons of life in Reno native the millennial perspective–and re-superstructure a few insider keys from mine hometown.


Pros of life in Reno

Nevada has no that company or an individual income tax.

Like my former home, new Hampshire, yes no personal income taxes in Nevada. That’s more money in her wallet to salary off college student loans, eat out, go skiing and also enjoy the region. This leader me to my 2nd point.

The expense of life is fairly low in Reno.

In downtown Boston, mine ex-boyfriend and also I paid $2,025 for a one-bedroom apartment in the Fenway neighborhood. It had an out-of-date kitchen and also on top of that, ns paid $200 for an outdoor parking spot. And also while charming and also in the love of among my favorite cities, the is a steep price come pay.

In Reno, my previous apartment at 3rd Street Flats was 609 sq. Ft. V a brand brand-new kitchen, floors, bathroom, etc. For $1375 a month. On top of that, i paid $50 for secure secret parking. This is taken into consideration a steep price in Reno–overpriced even–but i loved being ideal in downtown, walking street to work, restaurants and bars. Frankly, after gift in Boston, the Reno rental felt five so good.

Now, i rent a home with my finest friend. That $1700 a month for a 2-bedroom, 2-bath home in MidTown, which is the trendy neighborhood going through a most upgrades and gentrification. Ns a 5-minute walk to my favourite bars. Street parking is a breeze. It feels prefer I’m stealing.

There’s a big startup and also tech scene here.

Have friend heard of Elon Musk? The technology giant/genius built his renowned Gigafactory a short drive from Reno. It’s attracted a ton the Silicon Valley-type human being to the area. On top of that, tech startups are growing like weeds (or maybe reproduction like rabbit is a better analogy?) and also they room all hiring. In general, there’s a high-energy buzz, causing innovation and expansion. The an amazing time to occupational here.

All this expansion in the workforce also means a need for far better food, cocktails, and attractions.

The Reno food and drink step is more than simply casino buffets and also bars.

If you a continuous viewer of my Instagram stories, then you recognize I love to check out all the seasonings in Reno Tahoe. You might have even seen my reviews on Yelp. I, favor so many, had actually low expectations of the Reno food scene. Sure, I’d delighted in the all-you-can-eat episode that blankets the city back in mine high institution days, however I prefer to think i have become much more sophisticated end the years. Mine food preferences have actually evolved beyond stuffing my face with nigiri and also tempura rolfes (though I definitely still do), and Reno evolved, too.


Reno food has actually by far and also away gone beyond my expectations over the critical year. Ns a consistent at Reno bars such as fatality & Taxes, The Emerson and Liberty Food & alcohol Exchange. Food-wise, ns love the tantalizing tapas and cocktails and also Centro Reno, the savory mexican food in ~ Miguel’s, the mouthwatering pasta in ~ Liberty, the pizza at Sizzle Pie and, frankly, the perform goes on and on. Seriously, examine out my Yelp evaluate or slide right into my DMs because that recommendations.

Reno additionally has a farming brewery and also distillery scene. Areas like 10Torr, Imbib, black color Rabbit Mead and The Depot are areas that craft cocktail and also beer enthusiasts dream about. Many of castle are component of the 4th St. Brewery district that’s experience a TON that gentrification. Seriously. Call a life-long Renoite you’re walking to 4th St. And they’ll normally ask why in the civilization you would go there. A few years back it was sketchy AF. Now, it’s still a small sketchy (I’d Uber to my next bar from fourth St instead of walk), yet much much more awesome and also getting cleaned increase quickly.

While i recommend having a car, downtown and also MidTown Reno space walkable.

Reno might be recognized as the Biggest little City in the World, the no tiny town. You deserve to live downtown or in MidTown and walk come both areas. You can grab breakfast and also brunch or a cocktail and a show at the Pioneer Center. There are society and task in a very central location.

That said, I certainly think you need a vehicle in Reno. South Reno is at the very least a 20-minute journey from downtown, and also South Reno is house to amenities favor The Summit shopping mall and accessibility to Lake Tahoe via Mt. Increased Highway. So, if you prefer to leaving the city bubble, a vehicle is quite essential.

I should also mention the Uber and Lyft are numerous here, therefore you’ll have no issues hopping a ride that way.

You acquire all 4 seasons in Reno, yet snowfall is manageable and also magical.

This one is simple. Reno weather consists of hot, dry summers; cool, crisp falls; dreamy, snowy winters and also magical springs. Bonus: It’ll snow, but we don’t gain totally buried in it. All the magic, none of the snowmaggedons.


Cons of living in Reno

Reno public transportation leaves something to it is in desired.

This is the best con of life in Reno. Over there is a bus system, but it’s lackluster and perception is that it’s quite sketchy and inefficient. Ns the very first to speak I’ll shot public transportation. Hell, I provided the bus in Manchester, NH on more than one occasion and also that was something nobody recommended. But Reno windy transportation has actually never felt choose a viable means to get about the city. I hope that together the city evolves, bus equipment will, too.

Reno real estate is competitive.

Remember every those human being I pointed out that are moving to Reno? They space driving up housing prices and also there’s a high need for apartments and also rentals. The said, perspective is important. In Boston, you had actually to rent an apartment month in advance of your move-in date and also fees were insane. All things taken into consideration in Reno, ns think housing is pretty simple to discover and new apartments space being constructed throughout the city all the time.

Reno casinos aren’t for everyone.

Reno is Vegas-esque in the feeling that the is full of casinos. And sure, choose all casinos, there space slot machines, pokers and, depending upon where friend go, smoking cigarettes indoors. For some, the truth that Reno has actually casinos may be a con. Complete disclosure: ns don’t see it that way.

Reno casinos have actually some an excellent food, be sure spas and also nice accommodations. So, really, Reno casinos room somewhere in between a pro and also con. Ns think it depends on if you’re glass-half-full (like me) or glass-half-empty.

Secrets and also Pro-Tips of life in Reno

Sparks is aside from that away 보다 you’d think. So are Dayton and also Fallon.

I’ve obtained nothing versus Sparks or Dayton or Fallon or all over else in the greater Reno Tahoe area. However, if you’re relocating from out of state, recognize that those locations may it seems to be ~ “close,” but they are a trek. Sparks, in particular, looks an extremely close to downtown and MidTown Reno, but it’s among those areas that you require a car to gain to and requires freeway driving. Sparks–like much of the area–has its very own revival going on and also cost of life is also cheaper 보다 in Reno with new apartments walking in every the time.

If i were you, I’d move to downtown or MidTown Reno.

Go come MidTown wine Bar for bingo night top top Tuesdays. Seriously.

I gain it. Bingo night sounds ridiculous and conjures up visuals the a senior facility and a big stark white hall. This is no your grandmother’s bingo game. There room bottles the wine, dirty jokes and money to be won. The $6 a bingo card. The memories and also people watching are priceless. Gain there by 6 p.m. To claim a an excellent seat. The video game starts in ~ 7 p.m.

Sing her Heart the end at The Point.

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The suggest Night society is in a weird spot and also looks less than appealing from the outside, yet when it involves dive bar karaoke, there’s nowhere better. I have uncovered myself over there belting Patsy Cline songs on more than one occasion. The a good time also if the cocktails aren’t amazing.

This write-up is going to it is in a living, breathing piece of content. I’ll it is in updating it end time. Have pro-tips for new Renoites? think on the Biggest little City? Share castle in the comment below.