‘The little Rascals’ is a family members comedy film based on the ‘Our Gang’ collection of shorts produced by Hal Roach. The is directed by Penelope Spheeris and follows the naughty, goofy, and also adorable antics the a group of kids living in the same ar in the town of Greenpoint. Together the titular gang stumbles into one adventure ~ another throughout Greenpoint, audience can’t help but fall in love with the little town’s serenity. For those wondering wherein Greenpoint and also all the funky 90s themed point out in the town are located, the movie’s filming details will certainly provide some insights. Here’s everything we know around the filming places used in ‘The tiny Rascals.’

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The little Rascals Filming Locations

Filming of ‘The tiny Rascals’ is believed to have taken place in beforehand 1994 between the month of January and April. The town of Greenpoint viewed in the movie is a fictitious location. The mirage of the city was created by filming at locations in Los Angeles and details parts that Pasadena, California. Let’s take a closer look at the filming spots of ‘The tiny Rascals.’

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is just one of the most famous cities in the civilization when it pertains to filming locations. Although it is mainly an urban settlement, the city additionally has quiet suburbs perfectly suited because that peaceful household life. Los Angeles is just one of the most culturally inclusive urban in the world, and also many civilization of various ethnic cultures inhabit the city. This renders the city that angels the perfect location for shoot a family members movie favor ‘The small Rascals.’


The countless scenes special the notorious clubhouse whereby the corridor can generally be viewed hanging out were filmed at 1000 Block, Figueroa Terrace in LA. One more hilarious scene in the movie sees a pair of society members calling the fire department from a payphone right external the fire station. This scene was filmed at station 60 that the LA Fire Department situated at 5320 Tujunga avenue in north Hollywood.


A couple of sequences were filmed at the Venice Canal historic District in the Venice community of the city. The site is also a famous tourist attraction. The city is a major entertainment hub, and also the Hollywood film industry is concentrated mainly in Los Angeles. Other famous movies filmed in Los Angeles incorporate ‘Coming to America’ and also ‘King Kong.’

Pasadena, California

Pasadena is a city in Los Angeles County and also one that the main filming places of ‘The small Rascals.’ A sizeable section of the children’s neighborhood was filmed in parts of the city.

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Castle environment-friendly Apartments (formerly Hotel Green), located at 99 S Raymond Avenue, is a historical landmark in the city and also the production crew filmed a few scenes in ~ the site. Pasadena is a leading educational center, and also the increased Parade organized in the city on new Year’s day is an especially eye-catching.