Lip Sync Battle: Mike Tyson Vs. Terry Crews (Video)
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It’s time come talk about our guilty pleasure, Lip Sync Battle! that am i kidding? There’s no guilt here! illustration 5 the Lip Sync Battle pits Mike Tyson Vs. Terry Crews.

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The way to play: Celebrities take part in 2 rounds that lip syncing come their chosen songs. The an initial round deserve to be vanilla. The 2nd round needs some phase production. The winner is declared based on audience cheering volume. LL Cool J is the host and moderator when Chrissy Teigen provides color commentary, mixes drinks, dances, lip syncs in the background, and fake DJs.

This to be the “most guess heavyweight” lip sync showdown!

Tyson’s songs are “I Can’t acquire No Satisfaction” by The rojo Stones, and also “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa.

Crews songs are “Sucker MC’s by operation DMC, and also “A thousand Miles” through Vanessa Carlton.

So… who does the audience choose as the winner?

Scroll under to the finish of the videos to find out!

Mike Tyson’s first song: “I Can’t obtain No Satisfaction” by The roll Stones. The comes out in this tight-ass pants, channeling Mick Jagger. You haven’t lived until you see Mike Tyson gyrate to an audience. Terry Crews rebuts through Sucker MC’s by operation DMC. He too gyrates and rubs his own butt amidst screams together he raps “bubble bath.” He shows off his 8-pack and makes his pecs run to “one the the best beats ever before made in hip-hop.”

LL Cool J: “You and your nipples have actually a seat.”

Mike Tyson’s Satisfaction vs. Terry Crews’ Sucker MC’s | Lip Sync Battle

The fight begins in between our muscled increase contestants. Mike Tyson starts us out through an energetic power of (I Can’t obtain No) Satisfaction by The rojo Stones. Terry Crew’s follows up with Sucker MC’s through Run-DMC.

Crews: “I to be the world’s finest dancer. It’s my superpower!”

For “A thousands Miles,” Crews starts at a cool piano, gets rid of his shirt, and wearing nothing but white pants starts ribbon twirling v his dancers. Through a sincere hopeful expression, he flexes his 3,000 muscles.

LL Cool J: “How did friend channel your softer side?”Crews: “My wife and also 4 daughters.”

Tyson comes the end to “Push it” by Salt-N-Pepa and also does a synchronized dance (with his backup dancers) wearing tight pleather. The was having so much fun dancing, he forgot come mouth the native sometimes, but it was still exceptionally delightful.

Tyson: “I feel sexy.”

Crews mimes Tyson make the efforts to put on the skintight pants, “Push it real good!” LL Cool J drops appropriate to the floor.

Teigen: “I have the very same pants!”

Terry Crews’ A Thousand miles vs. Mike Tyson’s press It | Lip Sync Battle

The fight fires up v Terry’s heartwarming power of “A thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. Mike Tyson retaliates through a fierce “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa. Who will victory in this furious fight? watch to discover out!

This is Spike TVs biggest show to date, and also they yes, really optimize the town hall by playing continuous repeats. I gained sucked in come watching the repeat the the Dwayne Johnson Vs. Jimmy Fallon, that aired after this one. Anyone is having so lot fun, I desire to be a component of it.

Lip Sync Battle airs Thursday nights in ~ 10 pm ET.

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And the winner is…

Terry Crews ~ above his Lip Sync win | Lip Sync Battle

Terry Crews go a thousands miles approximately Mike Tyson. What did terry think of his win?

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