Which Shameless Character are You, based on Your Zodiac Sign? although Shameless"s Gallagher clan are not the kind to believe in astrology, they certainly embody the colorful qualities of the twelve signs.

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The immensely famous Showtime series Shameless has no lack of characters, from the tried and also true Gallagher corridor to the plenty of side personalities that acquire roped into their hectic lives. Each one of these people has a nuanced and also unique personality.

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Therefore, the Shameless actors is a perfect example of those twelve characters together in one south Side community. However, to keep things interesting, the show-cited birthdays that the personalities will no be provided as a reference — just their likeness to the zodiac authorize in actions and also disposition.

Shameless Carl Gallagher
Carl is a fire authorize if there ever was one. He"s at residence in utter chaos and isn"t conveniently shaken. Determined and constantly looking to take the next step, Aries" take-charge perspective is strong with the second youngest the Frank"s kids. Back the Gallagher family can it is in haywire, Carl is fast to settle right into his function as fearless enforcer — so lot so, that he eventually ended up being a Chicago police officer, one of the best things to ever before happen come Carl on Shameless. Both Carl and also the lamb sign constantly say what"s on your minds, even when it might be in their best interests no to.

11 Taurus: Liam Gallagher

Shameless Liam Gallagher in ~ School
Liam is the peacekeeper and homebody of the group. The doesn"t an especially love responsibility or having actually authority, yet he will placed 100% initiative forward as soon as asked or needed. Prefer a usual Taurus, family members is really necessary to Liam, and he strives to feel like he belongs come a collective. He"s among the just Gallagher children to spend an ext time v Frank and also making that a much more regular part of all of their lives. Bull indicators are loving and wildly independent, and that"s Liam come a tee.

Geminis are the intellectuals of the zodiac, and Lip is fittingly one of the many intelligent personalities on Shameless. Both Lip and the pair sign like come think about huge concepts and also learn simply for the services of learning. Lip"s education is crucial to him 보다 anything, and he loves come read and study. That is also an extremely charismatic and hard-working and repeatedly is able come prove to world that they should believe in him and his abilities.

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Lip does display a little of signature Gemini indecisiveness, though, often sabotaging himself and his future with recklessness come avoid big life decisions. However his inventive spirit and resourcefulness inspire him come keep enhancing himself for his existing and also newly cultivation family.

9 Cancer: Mandy Milkovich

Mandy Milkovich differs from Mickey in that she"s a lot more emotionally aware. Mandy feels all of her feeling hard and can choose up on emotionally cues indigenous others. Like a Cancer, she is an extremely intuitive and sees points that other human being don"t.

In true Milkovich/Cancer fashion, Mandy masks her much more emotional self v a hardened external shell (if not a bit softer than the rest of she family). That takes a if for she to come the end of that shell, yet when she does, she"s loyally committed to the world she lets in. Even though both Ian and also Lip hurt her in different ways, she is determined to support both of them and also wants lock to with their objectives with her help. This is exactly what renders her one the Lip"s greatest lovers on Shameless.

exact same as a Leo, Debbie loves to it is in in the spotlight. Whether she"s gotten the affection that the human being she"s had her eye on, or she"s prepping her daughter to become little Miss southern Side, fist is never ever something Debbie shies far from. She even capitalizes top top some, albeit negative, fist from she run-in v the law, and creates a handywoman business out the it.

Both the lion sign and Debbie are very passionate about their ideas and choices. As soon as Debbie provides a decision, she deserve to seldom be persuaded otherwise. Sometimes, she deserve to struggle come walk a mile in others" shoes, frequently letting her pride save her from see the enlarge picture. Debbie"s love of she family and friends is strong, and she"s quick to rectify instances to present her love for them, eventually even taking over Fiona"s duty as the head the the house.

7 Virgo: Veronica (V) Fisher

V, like most Virgos, adapts very easily come the mother figure, whether it"s through her children, partner, or friends. She instinctively looks out for and gives sage advice to she loved ones. She reins in the much more exuberant personalities approximately her and also gently clues them to in a much more controlled direction when appreciating your uniqueness and creativity. She likes to think around things a lot before making a last decision, and a pro and also con perform is her best friend.

V is methodical, practical, and a exorbitant negotiator. This provides her an excellent businesswoman, as she"s meticulous with finances and is really savvy. If a little judgemental in ~ times, her heart is always in the ideal place, and also she puts the pleasure of her loved ones at the peak of she priority list.

Libras room the balancers that the signs, as displayed in their symbol the the scales. They space equal components excited extrovert and cuddly nonconfrontational puppy dog, which is why Kevin is among the many likable personalities on Shameless. That loves to be around people, choosing huge friend groups and also businesses that see him interacting with others. He"s rapid to help a friend yet slow to start an unnecessary fight. He"s very bad at lying, another known Libra trait, as their honesty shines through even when castle don"t want it to.

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Kevin is adorably charming and also loves to make points look pretty (cue his corresponding designer tracksuits with the girl the second he had money come buy them). The enjoys being a specialist through catered information for his consumers. When he deserve to sometimes it is in sidetracked by wild endeavors, his fist to balance and hearing every sides of one issue constantly bring him ago to the center.

5 Scorpio: Mickey Milkovich

One fifty percent of the perfect Gallavich pair on Shameless, Mickey is as much a Scorpio as deserve to be — particularly with that frosty exterior that is treacherous to acquire past. However this wall is a facade, and also behind that is an incredibly emotional and deep person. As soon as bonded with someone, a Scorpio"s bond extends because that life.

While Mickey struggles v the equally strong instincts to pull world in and push lock away, he risks life and limb because that those he loves, and he"s a natural leader, as he"s shown with his fairly successful however hardly legal company ventures. His occasional jealousy and stubbornness come indigenous a location of solid emotions and vulnerability.

The other fifty percent of Gallavich, Ian is a society butterfly that loves and also values an individual freedom and also exploration. The enjoys trying brand-new things or going to brand-new places, and also he can discover himself at residence in nearly any career. He has actually a shining optimism and also magnetism that"s so transmittable that that convinced an entire group of human being to monitor him like a cult.

Ian also never hesitates to crack a joke or two, even in a serious situation, reflecting off the signature Sagittarius funny bone. He"s led through his emotions and can periodically act there is no thinking. And also if that feels trapped, he can make a operation for it. However Sags are also easily adaptable to change, and also Ian has proved that by making changes for the better. He has found the perfect romantic partner in Mickey to ground him.

3 Capricorn: Fiona Gallagher

Fiona will provide anything because that the people she considers family, although the inner one is very exclusive. It takes tough work and also dedication to earn a Capricorn"s love and trust, and also Fiona is that same way. Skeptical until proven otherwise, Fiona is protective of she pack and also suspicious that any and also all outsiders. She matured an extremely early since she had to take on the function of parent to she siblings, and also took that responsibility very seriously.

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She"s also very driven and doesn"t psychic the tough work needed to accomplish her goals. Fiona has actually a great work ethic in her odd jobs on Shameless, and she motivates others to have the same. Even though she claims that she doesn"t prefer to hand-hold people through life, Fiona really rarely will certainly leave someone to fend because that themselves when push concerns shove.

The patriarch of the Gallagher clan stop the wildcard point out of the zodiac. Aquarians are virtually impossible to put right into a box, as plenty of of them are so unique. Frank is clever beyond belief and also knows just what come say to get what he desires or rotate a crowd. He"s personable enough to understand just around everyone in town, while also spectating native afar in ~ times that he wants to be on his own. That spits in the confront of conventionality and also has a rebellious nature, often pushing back against authority (which have the right to sometimes cause Frank"s man scheming top top Shameless).

Aquarians also not wanting to it is in tied down, preferring to walk off and also observe humanity in all its facets. To run from the fear of boredom, they walk off to hunt because that a an excellent time, no strings attached.

1 Pisces: Monica Gallagher

The infant of the zodiac, Pisces is one more sign the is deeply in touch through their emotions, as with Monica. Her emotions room a huge component of her life and an ideas for she choices. She gets lugged away through fantastical concepts that lead her to be a rather dreamy and far-off person, as she"s a small separated from fact at times.

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Pisces are exceptionally sensitive, however this additionally makes them very empathetic. Even when Monica makes mistakes, her extreme love for she family means she constantly does appropriate by them, showing them that she loves them any method she can.