Former 16 and Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson appeared on this week’s episode of the Coffee Convos podcast to tell the emotional story of she twins’ births and also their journey in the NICU. Lindsey, that starred on the 4th season of “16 and Pregnant,” brought podcast hosts Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley come tears through the heartbreaking story of she daughter Paisley’s health struggles.

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Lindsey additionally discussed how much her life has changed since she showed up on “16 and Pregnant” back in 2012. (Her episode documented the bear of her daughter, Aniyah, that is now six.) now married come a guy who adopted Aniyah, Lindsey additionally recently opened a clothing boutique in respect of her daughter Paisley.

“I never really thought that anyone would care that i was on “16 and Pregnant,” come 6 years later,” Lindsey said on the podcast. “But a many of civilization still care and also a lot of of world want to understand what ns up to. I think it’s cool because I want to show people that the OK to have a infant young. You deserve to still make something of yourself.

“I’m no saying go get pregnant, however there’s no forgive why you can’t make something of yourself. You room in charge of your own fate.”

Here, The Ashley breaks down several of the topics that Lindsey questioned during she podcast interview.

kaillowry sufficient for permitting me the chance to give light come the NICU life so numerous parents experience. I’ve never been able to talk about our story out loud before, due to the fact that all i would do is cry and shut down. What an impressive podcast you girls run! native me never ever talking around our nicu journey the end loud to me venting for an hour with y’all says a lot. Thank you because that making me feeling so welcomed and also comfortable enough to be vulnerable? ✨If you recognize anyone who has a baby or babies in the NICU bring them a coffee at the hospital, lug them a house cooked meal, bring them restaurant gift card, sell to infant sit other kids if they have other kids, permit them cry come you, just listen and also be a shoulder to skinny on, don’t be offended if they nothing wanna speak it’s not personal, pray and also pray big for them. This nicu parents should be showered through love and support throughout the nicu stay . It’s the hardest most emotional time they will ever experience.✨ I recognize I to speak “like” a many in it. LOL i wouldn’t advise play a drinking video game to how plenty of times the word “like” is said, yet I was so overwhelmed and emotional during it. Ns couldn’t even assist it! Lol

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On where she is today:

When “16 and also Pregnant” viewers an initial met Lindsey, she was pregnant through Aniyah, dating Aniyah’s father Forest and living in Reno. (She was likewise training to it is in a cage fighter, i beg your pardon she hopes to begin doing again in order to fight Farrah Abraham!)

“My whole life has completed transformed since I lived in Reno. Ns a realtor and I love doing that,” lindsey said. “My husband TJ and also I acquired married, and also I moved from Reno come Texas. We had twins, he embraced Aniyah.”

“I loved your story,” Kail told Lindsey. “You room really a success story.”

“I look ago and i’m like, if girlfriend would have told me 6 years earlier that I’d be here today I never would have thought you,” lindsey said. “I never ever thought that I could run my own business, have actually twins, have actually a six-year-old, it is in married, and do all of this. However when you placed your mind come something and also you want it and you’re passionate about it, you have the right to do anything.”

On what happened to Aniyah’s biological father:

Lindsey said Kail and also Lindsie that her daughter’s biological father, Forest, exited Aniyah’s life as soon as she was two. She husband, TJ, adopted Aniyah in February 2015, before he married lindsay in July 2015.

“I’ll just say a tiny bit because I don’t think is worthy of mine energy,” lindsay said. “He’s totally absent, and also he’s been missing since she was two. Ns told him the we wanted to relocate to Texas and also he did no care. He did no come to speak goodbye come her. He would not show up in court as soon as I took him come court. That is a deadbeat, is what he is. Aniyah doesn’t know anything around him, she no remember him. She has no recollection of as soon as we lived in Nevada.

“TJ is her dad. He’s adopted her, and also that’s all she knows,” lindsey added. “It’s amazing since it’s favor God knew the was she dad due to the fact that they look alike, they plot alike, castle don’t like the very same foods. They are simply alike, so i feel like whatever happened the way it was an alleged to.”

On her pregnancy through the twins:

“I obtained pregnant with my husband, and also we discovered out us were pregnant v twins,” lindsay said. “ completely unexpected—we were definitely were just trying because that one! but we were offered twins and also everything to be great.”

Lindsey stated that, 16 weeks right into her pregnancy, she cervix started shortening.

“By 20 mainly I had actually nothing left and also I started dilating. I acquired to be about 4 cm dilated,” lindsey said. “They put me in the hospital. I remained there a pair months. There to be nothing they might do. Since it was twins, you can not really protect against labor.

“I simply really had to sit in a hospital bed and eat. The was my job, to obtain weight,” she added.

Lindsey declared that she do it to 29 weeks and also four days prior to she went into labor because that the final time.

“I had actually Jackson, he come out crying and everything to be good,” she said. “I couldn’t host him due to the fact that they take it him appropriate to the bed and put the ventilator in therefore he can breathe ~ above his own.

When Lindsey began talking around Paisley’s birth, she teared up, as did Kail.

“Then I had actually Paisley, and she came out and also she wasn’t crying,” Lindsey said as she held back tears. “I’ve never ever talked about her story aloud before. She wasn’t crying at all, and that’s the very first sign other is wrong. Castle took her to put the ventilator in, and also they couldn’t get it in. She to be so feisty; she didn’t desire them emotional her. The was even an ext scary because she needed to breathe. They put it in, but I began bleeding too much so i couldn’t also turn around and look in ~ her, because my physician was like, ‘Don’t move! she bleeding also much.’”

On life in the NICU v her premature birth twins:

Lindsey’s nightmare in the NICU started shortly ~ the twins’ birth.

“I went down and I looked at them and they to be so tiny, favor 2 lbs, smaller sized than a infant doll,” she said. “Jackson, at first I believed he was the one I believed would have issues, he appeared really sick. Paislee appeared fine. That was shocking to everyone.”

Lindsey was discharged after 3 days, yet the twins were still in the NICU.

“It was the hardest point I ever went through. I had actually to leave both my babies at the hospital…Right away my parental instincts said me something was wrong v Paisley,” lindsey said. “She was crying all the time. It was the cutest cry because her lungs weren’t also developed. It sounded like a small mouse crying, it was so sad. They believed it was simply her adjusting to outside life. Her white blood cell count was high. Work 5 rolled around and I can tell miscellaneous was not right. Certain enough, they found out she had a staph infection. In ~ 4 in the morning, I acquired a phone call call. She had actually staphylococcal meningitis.

“You feel so helpless once your baby’s that sick,” lindsay said. “And girlfriend can’t organize them, and also you can’t simply touch them. I just want to hold them and also I couldn’t’ perform anything. Paislee was in so much pain, just crying and also moaning. It to be the hardest thing I ever went through.”

Paisley and Jackson both came down with staph. Jackson recovered quickly, but negative Paisley’s struggle for her life was just beginning.

“I was happy to watch my child better, yet I look across the way, and also there’s mine daughter and she’s lifeless,” lindsay said. “I started doing research on babies with staph, and also it said that, after day 6, opportunities of life are just a pair percent. I found that part out on my own since the doctors didn’t desire to fear me. They brought on an infectious disease team, and a surgeon, and also hematology. So that was all these people, and also you understand in the NICU, if there are people always coming to watch your baby, it’s no good. You want to be left alone as soon as you’re in the NICU since that way your infant is gaining better.

“Day 6 rolled around and also they started a new antibiotic, but by job 7 she was also worse…it gained so bad. She was so pale and her stomach to be huge. She can not eat, she would spit it every up through the feeding tube. She was literally just lifeless, simply fighting for her life. They gave her one more anti-biotic, and also they to be like, ‘This is it. Yes sir no other antibiotic that’s going to job-related at this point.’”

Lindsey claimed she was terrified for her daughter.

“My husband visited the doctor, and asked if she was going to it is in OK. The doctor just looked at Paisley and also put his head down. Castle were constantly so upbeat and positive and also he wasn’t that day and just said, ‘I don’t know.’ ns just had to to walk away.”

What would follow was 3 liver biopsies, countless tests, many trips to larger hospitals in Houston and Dallas, and many scary work in the NICU because that Lindsey and her family.

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On just how Paisley is law today: 

From where she was, she’s amazing now,” lindsey said. “She’s still yes, really weak. She’s finally eating from a bottle, and hasn’t used her feeding tube for two months…

“This is the longest she’s unable to do without a surgery or doctor. Every little thing is ~ above the up and up now. She gets physical therapy and occupational therapy to assist her through rolling over and also sitting up,” lindsey said. “She can not sit up yet. She’s ripe months old however she simply started roll over. It’s for this reason sad. She’s better now. I would certainly say she’s very intelligent. Paisley is therefore smart, there’s nothing walk on there. It’s physics strength. She no eat any kind of solids, nothing.”

Lindsey’s boy Jackson is doing great, however Paisley is tho trying to catch up with her pair brother.

“Everything that taken place was because she to be premature and because the the staph infection, lindsey said. “Her gift sick for this reason long influenced everything. She’s really choose a six-month-old baby because of every little thing she walk through.”

(The Ashley can’t execute the story justice here, so she recommends you listen to lindsay tell her whole NICU story throughout the Coffee Convos episode below!

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