Noah Cyrus and also Lil Xan conveniently gained the title of “Most Emo Breakup that 2018” after ~ a messy and really dramatic split. Now, it seems that Xan has actually nothing yet praise because that his ex-girlfriend.

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Check the end the rapper’s uplifting message about Cyrus, below.

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It’s been 3 months because Cyrus and also Xan referred to as it quits in a an extremely public breakup that connected everything native a Charlie Puth meme come Cyrus listing a bottle of she tears on her merch website for $12,000.

Earlier this month Xan left rehab and also had nothing however praise because that his ex-girlfriend and also singer billie Eilish.

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In the Instagram short article the rapper clarifies the this isn’t some attempt to win Cyrus earlier and admits that “things acquired sloppy.”

“I genuinely think this 2 are few of the finest not only female artist but in basic coming up rn!” Xan write on Instagram. “Yes I know things got sloppy but I view the human being so clear now!”

He also points out that the didn’t median he’s a “fucking enlarge artist” when he described Cyrus and Eilish as “coming up”.

ns genuinely think this 2 are few of the finest not just female artist yet in general coming up rn ! correctly i know things obtained sloppy yet i view the human being so clean now! and everybody stop with every the “your tryna acquire her back” that not prefer that i just don’t view the require for drama or fighting and their both genuinely good people!