Chromebooks raise plenty of questions together they don’t function the most typical OS the end there. In this article, we room going to explore the usability of Lightroom top top a Chromebook and what other choices you have actually if you desire to modify photos and also images on your device.

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Can you use Adobe Lightroom top top Chromebook?Is a Chromebook great for photograph editing?How to download Lightroom ~ above a Chromebook?Alternative apps because that photo editing and enhancing on ChromebookGoogle PhotosSnapseedPixlrGimpPolarrFinal Thoughts

Can you use Adobe Lightroom top top Chromebook?

Yes, but not in the same method as you would on a Windows, Linux, or MacOS device. Chromebooks don’t run executable applications (.exe) and also are an ext web-based than any kind of other mechanism out there.So, exactly how should a human run Adobe Lightroom top top a Chromebook? Well, there are two possibilities.The first option you have actually is making use of the application version of Lightroom.Since Chromebooks are somewhat a hybrid in between computer and smartphone, friend rely an ext on software accessible on the application store. The way, girlfriend will have the ability to download Lightroom indigenous the application store simply as if you were using your smartphone.
However, if your Chromebook has much better hardware than an median smartphone (and that is one “if”, due to the fact that many Chromebooks have actually hardware equivalent to smartphones), you should expect a an excellent experience.Downloading is easy, and if you require a guide, keep scrolling to find out.The 2nd solution consists that accessing the browser-based version of Lightroom. If you choose this option, friend won’t need to install anything.

Is a Chromebook good for photograph editing?

It depends. One thing has to be clear: Chromebooks are built to it is in a cheaper alternative for professionals that don’t need top-notch graphic cards and processors.They room made to it is in lightweight and easy to bring around. This way, the majority of Chromebooks (the cheap ones) really can’t perform heavy tasks.
But lately, part Chromebooks were released with greater processing power, enabling for photographers to edit their photos v quality, ease, and also speed.Getting the right an equipment will aid you have a good time editing and enhancing photos also with a laptop an alleged to be less an effective in comparison come those brute Alienware machines.If you space not certain which Chromebooks are an excellent for editing, always consider those with quad-core processors.Read more Popular Chromebooks for modifying Video.Moreover, Chromebooks have their very own OS. Instead of home windows or macOS, a Chromebook attributes Chrome OS, i m sorry is a light and fast system.
However, it has limitations in what you can install on it, definition many applications girlfriend are supplied to working v on Windows room not available.Because of that, friend won’t have the ability to use Adobe Photoshop, only other applications that might fulfill few of your needs however don’t market as numerous tools.Even without Photoshop, friend can edit your picture with various other high-quality apps the you have the right to download native the play Store. If you space lucky, friend can even download Gimp (we will certainly talk much more about this later).Some human being who have had actually plenty of experience with photo editing and enhancing with Chromebook recommend it because that its perks. It is basic to carry around, friend won’t have to bother v viruses, battery life is great, and its connectivity allows you to back up your records on the cloud there is no trouble.One aspect that additionally counts is the size of the screen. If you space picking increase a Chromebook the is too little (let’s say, 11-inch) probably you won’t be able to properly check out what you space doing on the images.That way, paying fist to the screen size and its resolution will certainly pay you earlier when you job-related with your device.What counts is what you important need. Go your editing and enhancing require every the tools of Photoshop? will you use the Chromebook as possibly a second computer to take on travels? Or will it be your major device?

How come download Lightroom ~ above a Chromebook?

Downloading Adobe Lightroom ~ above a Chromebook shouldn’t present any type of trouble. As currently discussed, Chrome OS has native compatibility through apps native the application store. Then, what you need to do is the following:Open the beat StoreSearch for “Adobe Lightroom” (or maybe it will already show increase on the key page that the pat Store)Click top top the appChoose “install”After installed, click “open”If you don’t have actually a Lightroom account, create one. If you already have, just sign in

Alternative apps for photo editing on Chromebook

Lightroom is just one of the most an effective photo modifying apps friend can get on a Chromebook yet is no the only one. Other applications present beneficial tools too. Possibly you space even more familiar with several of them (such together Gimp). Let’s take a look in ~ what options you have.

Google Photos

Google photos is easily accessible on Chrome OS and on Android smartphones, and you can access your uploaded picture on any other maker just through logging on to the internet browser with her email. This way you can access your picture anywhere, at any kind of moment.If you currently use it on Android, you know it has some modifying tools. As such, those tools continue to be on the Chrome version.You will certainly be may be to use filters, change colors, settle exposure, and also more. The course, this is not a an intricate app with plenty that tools like Photoshop or also Lightroom. The is one entry-level application for those who desire to perform simple editing.


Snapseed is similar to Adobe Lightroom. It was bought by Google in 2012 and also then its popularity only increased because then.It has actually some functionalities you currently find in Lightroom, when others could be new. If you space trying various photo-editing apps to discover which one meets your needs, Snapseed absolutely is worth trying.Snapseed is currently accessible for quite much any type of device. That means you can quickly send a picture from one device to another and keep working on it through the exact same software.It is precious noticing the Snapseed is a free app. So, if you ever feel favor it has actually limitations the make the less helpful for you than Lightroom, this is the reason.


In situation you room after software program that each other Photoshop, Pixlr is a great choice. It has actually an edge over Snapseed, but to gain full access to that you need to pay. For many people, it is precious the price, though.If you space curious around Pixlr but this is a new app you never ever heard about, girlfriend can shot the free version. That course, together a complimentary version, some tools won’t be available.Still, you can gain a feeling of just how the app works and also this can lead you to purchase the full version.Pixlr is a web-based app, definition you have to access it from her browser. However, it works on any kind of browser of her choice, so girlfriend don’t have to worry about compatibility with your favorite one.


Gimp is already a standard when it concerns photo editing. Many professionals who occupational with photo and also image modifying use it also though Photoshop gift an option. It is a resourceful app and probably the ideal option once it comes to totally free image modifying apps top top the Chrome OS.However, there is one tricky component about acquiring Gimp top top a Chromebook. It calls for your machine to have actually Linux application support. Most Chromebooks made in 2019 and forward have actually such support, but you should make certain if you arrangement on gaining a Chromebook just to modify images.


We wrap up this list through an app that is taken into consideration by many human being the ideal photo modifying software friend can acquire on your Chromebook.If girlfriend came right here knowing if Lightroom is accessible for Chrome OS, Polarr might change the direction you are heading.Its user interface is sleek and also easy come use, do it great for beginners who acquired a Chromebook for other reasons however decided that they want to edit some pictures. Because that veterans, though, the offers expert tools and some premium ones.The application has two versions: one is totally free with a bunch the tools however not all of them. The paid version, on the various other hand, offers you every the devices you must make your photos look as expert as possible.Some time ago, you had actually to acquisition it at once, however now you have the right to subscribe for only $249 a month.

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Final Thoughts

Chromebooks room friendly devices made for you to carry around during your day-to-day routine. To achieve such a goal, they have actually less powerful hardware and also a more minimal OS. Still, there room plenty of points you have the right to do v them, and even modifying photos shouldn’t pose any kind of problem. Friend can conveniently download Lightroom on your Chromebook, or you deserve to count on any type of of the photo editing apps listed in this article.