She-Ra and the Princesses the Power is around to pertained to an end. If this is a sad time for fans the the show, we also must prepare because that the final season! If girlfriend don’t have actually time to perform the full rewatch appropriate now, don’t worry. We’ve gained you covered.

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Season One

There is a Princess Prom in Princess Frosta’s kingdom, and also the shining Moon trio head there to recruit an ext princesses to their cause. Unbeknownst come them, Catra additionally got an invitation due to the fact that the Fright Zone has a princess of your own: Scorpia, who is very eager to you re welcome Catra. Castle kidnap Glimmer and also Bow, and also head earlier to the Fright Zone, where Shadow Weaver timeless takes credit transaction for Catra’s accomplishments. Adora bands together with Perfuma, Mermista, Sea hawk (Mermista’s pirate buddy), and also Entrapta come rescue your friends, however the arrangement goes awry and also they wind increase believing that Entrapta is dead. Entrapta believes she to be left behind in the Fright Zone and begins doing work-related for the Horde since they’re fans of technology, and also that’s very much she beat (she is the just princess not connected to a runestone). Glimmer’s time at Shadow Weaver’s hands cause her powers of teleportation to begin “glitching”, a truth that she refuses come tell her mom about.

Adora goes to the Beacon to gain information, feeling responsible for Entrapta’s death. Catra complies with her and also steals a data crystal, which results in the two of them gift trapped over there amidst projections of your memories. Adora learns the Catra always felt 2nd best to she their totality lives, and also Catra realizes that she doesn’t want Adora come come back to the Horde, leaving her for dead. Adora finds light Hope, the fully actualized variation of the Beacon hologram program that way to train her as She-Ra—but she doesn’t right now have the moment to devote to the training.

Entrapta works to decode the data decision Catra stole native the Beacon, finding out the first Ones technology is somehow incorporated into the earth itself, and that the princess’s runestones allow them come tap into that power. Zero Weaver is at this time using the black Garnet runestone meant to be provided by Scorpia, therefore Catra gets permission from Hordak to let Entrapta experiment top top it. This throws shadow Weaver into a rage, top she and also Catra to fight and also disrupting she powers. Entrapta’s experiment on the black color Garnet reason planetary imbalances, giving the Horde the perfect chance to assault Bright Moon.

The fight does not go well at first, through Adora losing her sword, and the Horde’s forces gunning because that the Moonstone the Glimmer and also her mom are linked to. Eventually, the other princesses (and Sea Hawk) show up to it is in a component of the alliance, helping Adora to protect Bright Moon. This helps to rescouchsurfingcook.come Glimmer’s powers, and also they journey the Horde back. In spite of the loss, Hordak is pleased sufficient with Catra that he promotes her to his 2nd in command while shadow Weaver is confined to a cell.

Season Two

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Shadow Weaver is near death, yet Adora offers her strength to heal the sorcerer. In return, she tells them of Hordak’s plan—he is do the efforts to open a portal in bespeak to carry through the remainder of the Horde armies and also conquer Etheria. She likewise reveals the in the an initial experiment to produce a portal, Adora came through as one infant: She is a an initial One. Light hope confirms this, and Adora and friends decide to head to the Crimson rubbish to monitor Mara’s message. At the same time, Entrapta discovers that a ingredient she needs for the portal is likewise in the Wastes. She has actually been bonding further with Hordak, finding out that the is a failure clone that Horde Prime. Hordak send Catra and Scorpia come retrieve the item Entrapta demands for the portal.

Adora, Glimmer, and also Bow satisfy Huntara in the Wastes and also hire her as a guide, but she betrays them and also steal Adora’s sword. The glowing Moon trio recoup it, finding out in the process that Hunter is also a former Horde soldier who defected and ran. She decides to sign up with them, and also leads them come Mara’s ship. They uncover a message from Mara, revealing the she supplied the knife to transport Etheria to another dimension to hide it. The team is confronted by Catra and Scorpia, that kidnap Adora. Scorpia suggests that she and Catra defect and stay in the Crimson Wastes together, however Catra learns around Shadow Weaver’s relocate to bright Moon, and she heads ago to the Fright Zone and also presents the knife as the needed component to open the portal. Glimmer looks for out zero Weaver’s help in strengthening she powers so she can save Adora, and manages to teleport herself and also her friends come Hordak’s base.

Entrapta learns that opening the portal would ruin reality, however rather 보다 let her warn Hordak, Catra knocks she out and exiles she to Beast Island, threatening Scorpia v the same if she doesn’t fall in line. Catra then lies come Hordak and tells him the Entrapta betrayed them and also ran off. The portal is activated and fractures reality—Adora’s life reverts come a variation where she never ever left the Horde, and she battles to focus on the reality she knows and rescouchsurfingcook.come it. She learns that the only means to resolve the problem is come close the portal through removing her sword. Glimmer’s mother, Queen Angella, manages this, damaging the portal and also sacrificing her own life in the process. Unfortunately, the development of the portal cautions Horde Prime, and also they start to monitor Hordak down.

Season Four

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Glimmer, tho grieving she mother, is crowned queen of bright Moon. She sends out her friends into the Crimson Waste come bring back Mara’s ship, however the Horde currently beat them to it. Huntara decides to continue to be there in order come reclaim her home from the Horde. If the team is fighting there, Catra meets a shapeshifting certified dealer named double Trouble, and also hires them once they properly prove how experienced they room at mimicking others.

After a fight to save the village of Elberon, the Rebellion choose up a brand-new member, a girl named Flutterina—this wake up to be twin Trouble in disguise. Glimmer is sad the she is also busy gift queen to assist her friends on the frontlines that the fight, and begins turning to shadow Weaver even an ext for indict in making use of her powers. This strains she friendships through Adora and Bow, as she begins to take on missions by herself, and also Flutterina motivates the discord. Adora learns that Light Hope supplied to it is in friends through Mara, something the the holographic interface is determined not to remember. Her former Horde team members Kyle, Lonnie, and Rogelio room getting tired of the way the Horde operates, and eventually flee the totality operation, worn down of being abused. Scorpia finally concerns terms v the truth that Catra is a bad friend, and also leaves the Fright region to discover Entrapta.

The Rebellion at some point realizes the there’s a spy amongst them, and also the princesses organize an intricate ruse to catch them. Lock trap dual Trouble, who reveals the they were only acting together a distraction when Hordak dominated Mermista’s kingdom. Sea Hawk gets himself, Bow, and also Swift Wind caught to cheer the princess up, offering her the opportunity to rescue them. Adora goes come Razz for an ext information ~ above Mara and learns around the heart of Etheria Project, a weapon that scouchsurfingcook.comes magic at the planet’s core. When Mara uncovered out about it, she stopped the weapon and also exiled the planet. She left a blog post for Adora, warning her no to trust Light Hope, who was reprogrammed through the an initial Ones to cause the Heart, also though shoot the weapon will ruin the planet. The Adora brings this info to the Rebellion, and a fight division out over whether or no to use the Heart.

Scorpia arrives at shining Moon come ask for help going to Beast Island to retrieve Entrapta. Glimmer no interested in performing a rescue mission, but Adora and Bow disobey her and also mount the rescue themselves. They use Mara’s delivery to head over to Beast Island, and also Adora learns the she can not transform into She-Ra. ~ above the island, they find that Glimmer’s father, King Micah, to be exiled over there ages ago by the Horde. Entrapta has additionally been doing well on the island, finding the end that it was a dumping ground for very first Ones tech. She describes how the Heart works to Adora: once it activates, all the magic networks through She-Ra, the only being an effective enough to contain all that energy, shoot the weapon v the sword of Protection. Adora is determined to stop the weapon, and also heads come the crystal Castle after dropping Bow, Entrapta, and King Micah turn off at glowing Moon.

Glimmer is furious v her friends because that disobeying her, and also she asks irradiate Hope around the love of Etheria. Irradiate Hope defines that the weapon can only be set off if the planet is balanced, and that calls for connecting each princess v their runestones—Scorpia need to reconnect through the black Garnet for it come work. Twin Trouble agrees to assist Glimmer acquire into the Fright Zone come realign Scorpia with her runestone, and tells Hordak the Catra lied come him around Entrapta’s betrayal. This prompts a fight in between Catra and also Hordak, which Catra wins. Scorpia connects through the black color Garnet, happen the love of Etheria online and transporting the planet earlier to its initial dimension. Adora begs Light hope to stop the process, but Light expect cannot fight she programming. Adora ends up using the magic that is channeling v her to break the sword of Protection, ruining the weapon’s ability to fire.

Horde Prime’s fleet arrives, and also Glimmer, Hordak, and Catra space taken aboard the flagship. Hordak is taken far to be reconditioned, when Catra make the efforts to to convince Horde element to spare Etheria by informing him around the superweapon in the planet. Adora have the right to no longer transform right into She-Ra, yet she still plans to fight.

And that’s where we left off! The finale season the She-Ra and also the Princesses the Power will drop on might 15th, top top Netflix.

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