Life of Kylie will follow Kylie zener as she navigates her unique life as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder that Kylie Cosmetics. "Life that Kylie" will document not only how she security her skilled time but additionally her an individual time, including hanging out through close friend Jordyn Woods. After spending over fifty percent her life top top TV ~ above E!"s hit collection "Keeping Up through the Kardashians," and also with end a hundreds million followers throughout Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, civilization feel they already know Kylie, yet this collection will allow her fans and the public to view behind the scenes of she ever-expanding world.

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On the season finale, Kylie and also Jordyn proceed their pilgrimage in Peru while experimenting their friendship and also future.

Kylie, Jordyn and Kris take trip to Peru on a charity mission. But when Kylie"s spontaneous way of living doesn"t fare well v Kris Jenner"s demanding itinerary, they need to reconcile their differences.

After an emotionally visit v a young fan, Jordyn is forced to come to terms through the recent fatality of she father. Kylie is inspired and prompted come strengthen she bond through Caitlyn.
Kylie and her Glam squad must deliver an above look because that the celebrity-filled Met Gala together a distinct guest the Versace; ~ a wild weekend ~ above the east Coast, Jordyn marvels if she"s life her own life, or gaining lost in Kylie"s.
Kylie battles to save her personal life out of the public eye after ~ running right into a details ex-boyfriend in ~ a major music festival; she hits a low suggest when every relocate she renders goes viral.
After struggling v her squad"s boundaries, Kylie has actually to attract the line in between friend and also boss as a CEO; Kylie and Jordyn effort to beginning a sting operation once her brand"s reputation gets hit v a overwhelming of fake lip kits.
Kylie finally makes it come her very first prom and gives dateless fan, Albert, the surprised of his life; Kylie plays wingman and also coaches Jordyn v a blind day despite Jordyn"s involves of bringing an outsider right into the group.

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When Kylie learns of a bullied fan in search of a prom date, she plan to surprised him as his date, but her search hits a large obstacle in ~ the airport.