Life walk On: What taken place in the critical Episode, “Life goes On (And On and also On)”?

Published: September 1, 2010

Life go On ran for 4 seasons on ABC, indigenous 1989 until 1993. The TV display was never ever a hit program and also didn’t even crack the list of 30 top-rated shows. Still, it is well-remembered together a program around family relationships and was the very first series to function a character v Down syndrome together a main character.

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The TV present revolves approximately the Thatcher family. Drew and also Libby (Bill Smitrovich and Patti LuPone) battle with usual family issues, as well as help their first son, “Corky” (Chris Burke), integrate into the rest of the world. He eventually moves out, gets a job, and also marries Amanda (Andrea Friedman) who also has Down’s.

Paige (Monique Lanier, then Tracey Needham) is Drew’s daughter native a first marriage and, after looking for a career, becomes a builder.

Teenager Becca (Kellie Martin) is the youngest Thatcher (until baby Nick is born) and also sometimes also intelligent and emotional for her very own good. ~ a partnership with jock Tyler (Tommy Puett), she falls in love with Jesse (Chad Lowe). A other high college student, Jesse contracted HIV ~ a possibility one-night stand at a frat party.

Much that the latter episodes the Life goes On revolve about Becca and Jesse’s relationship and the social and physical difficulties of HIV and also AIDS. The last episode is no exception but additionally gives ample time come Paige and Corky storylines together well.

The 83rd and last illustration of Life go On, titled “Life walk On (And On and also On),” was an initial broadcast on may 23, 1993. Here’s what happened…

The episode takes ar in flashbacks as a 10-years-older Becca recounts how she, Jesse, and surprise valedictorian beam (Michael A. Goorjian) graduated from high school. Appeals come the school board by the Thatchers and also the principal are denied and Corky does no graduate through his course due come low math grades. Ironically, had he not gotten in the mainstream program, he wouldn’t have had actually a problem. He decides not to attend graduation. Later, his family presents him with a one-of-a-kind diploma in acknowledgment of his accomplishments and because that being a good son, sibling, and husband. ~ cleaning out his college locker, Corky vow to return to high school.

Paige and Artie (Troy Evans) have actually been struggling in their building business. They’ve been working for two months on renovating an old house. Now, the owner can’t afford to salary them and also is headed right into bankruptcy. They end up taking over the home as payment and Artie proposes that they live there together, in a romantic relationship. Paige isn’t comfortable and he promises never to bring it increase again.

When it comes time to perform the residence with a realtor, Paige is hesitant since of all the moment and an individual touches she’s put into the place. She ultimately agrees to put it up because that sale. Artie later on surprises she by heralding that they have to keep the house. Paige needs a place to live and also they need an office for your company. He’ll continue to live in his trailer which she doesn’t think is fair. He defines that, without her, he’d tho be sit in a bar, security his unemployment check. She agrees to the partnership.

Jesse division up through Becca so that she deserve to go on come college and also he deserve to go to Europe to try experimental treatments and also figure the end what to perform with whatever’s left the his life. They’re both upset however he says he’s act it because he loves her. After Jesse leaves, Becca operation after him but he’s currently out of sight. She goes come his apartment and finds the empty, conserve for her portrait, his bracelet, and some various other things he’s left because that her.

Four year later, in the direction of the finish of she time in ~ college, Becca returns house to tell she parents that she’s engaged — to Jesse. That tracked her under after four years apart. His AIDS is in remission and also he’s to be traveling v Europe, writing articles for art journals. Drew and also Libby aren’t thrilled however Jesse and also Becca aren’t asking for permission. The wedding takes place in the Thatcher home, v Corky as best man and also Paige together matron that honor. Those in attendance incorporate Drew, Libby, Nick, Amanda, and Ray and his brand-new family.

In bed later, Becca speak Jesse that she desires to have actually his baby. He’s shocked that Becca, together a medical student, would even suggest such a thing. She doesn’t desire to it is in left alone and he speak her the she’ll never ever be alone, the she’ll have youngsters with someone else some day. Jesse suggests that she’ll call her youngsters how lot they loved each other and also couldn’t stay apart. “When girlfriend remember me, I’ll constantly be right there v you. I will never ever leave you alone, Becca. I promise.”

Back in the future, we view that Becca has been telling the story come a young young in bed. The young comments the he wished the he’d recognized him. She says, “I wish everybody had actually known him. He was a kind, gentle, beautiful man.” “Just favor Daddy?” “Yeah, as with Dad.” The young pleads with her come tell him another tale but she says, “I have no more stories to tell.” The small boy says, “I love you, Mommy.” and Becca replies, “I love you, Jesse.” and also kisses him. Fade to black, end of series.

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For some added information around the last episode, walk here.

What carry out you think? carry out you think the last episode of Life goes On to be a perfect ending to this groundbreaking show? would you prefer to watch the cast reunite sooner or later for a brand-new project?