Wally West joins Legends of tomorrow in 'No country For Old Dads' picture In the images from Legends that Tomorrow illustration "No country for Old Dads" Wally West ultimately joins the Legends ~ above the Waverider.

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photos of Legends the Tomorrow illustration "No nation for Old Dads" present Wally West authorized the Legends. This season of Legends that Tomorrow has largely to be a season of goodbyes. The Legends have had actually to speak goodbye come Martin Stein, come Jax, and practically as quickly as the Earth-X double of Leonard Snart join them, he additionally decided come return home and also said goodbye. Small do the Legends understand that they will certainly soon gain to to speak hello to an old friend - Wally West aka son Flash.

Wally is already known to the Legends, because of the relationships several of them share to Barry Allen and also the remainder of Team Flash. To add his presence at Barry and Iris" wedding before the ceremony to be crashed by Earth-X Nazis and also the cooperation Wally shared for a time with Ray Palmer. Wally left main City awhile back on a mission of self-discovery. And in the final moments that previous illustration "Here i Go Again" Wally was uncovered by Rip Hunter - who is going to take the young speedster come the Legends.


An previously behind the scenes photo showed Wally West gibbs Keiynan Lonsdale in his son Flash costume. Now The CW has actually released number of photos of "No nation for Old Dads" which will certainly air in 2 weeks. And several the them show Wally West top top the Waverider, ultimately joining up through the Legends.

The pictures focus on the reunion that Wally, Rip Hunter, and the remainder of the Legends - through Agent Ava Sharpe thrown in for good measure. Wally appears happy to be joining up with the Legends, probably believing his trip to number out whereby he belonging in the universe has ended. Meanwhile, Zuri and also Amaya appear to be performing some type of ceremony, most most likely related to your totems. And also Rory is uncharacteristically vibrant in a grateful Dead tee-shirt, the only indication of the time period they"ve time travel to in the episode.

Wally authorized the team has been a long time promised and also it"s interesting to see exactly how soon it will be happening, with just one much more episode before he join the Legends. Nor will Wally it is in the only old girlfriend coming to Legends of Tomorrow. The Legend"s old ally Jonah Hex and Wally"s speedster ex-girlfriend Jessie fast are both walking to appear on the show as well. And also even despite he simply said both hello and also goodbye come them, Constantine will be making another appearance soon. Through so countless goodbyes having already happened this season, the seems choose the eminent arrival of Wally West is the first in a collection of welcome hellos.

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Legends of Tomorrow returns to the CW top top Monday, February 26 with "The Curse of earth Totem" in ~ 8 pm. "No country for Old Dads" airs at the very same time on march 5.