Product Specification: LedoAuto version B37T2066S2001-CCNW Led Chips 66*2016SMD Voltage 10-30V present 1700±100mA Lumen 2000LM shade temperature 6500K; Yellow (Halogen 3000K); 1600K view Price


Get glowing Signaling

Ledo Super power led rotate signal light offers a choice of 700 Lumen and also 2000 Lumen, which will increase the power and include style to her drive. Signaling your attention to other drivers is an essential to her safety.

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CANBus Ready, simple Installation

1700mA accomplish OEM rotate signal light calculation level. It is canbus ready and also the best an option for the upgrade of your turn signal light.

No Resistor built-in, more secure on Road

The resistor will develop lots of warmth while existing passes v it and increase the bordering temperature to about 300 degrees. We gotta hang it ~ above a safe place or that will damages the car plastic. Our CANbus Led turn signal light doesn’t have a built-in resistor. LED chips will convert most that the electric energy come light, therefore we achieve high power duty as well as store on a safe temperature.

White, Yellow Amber light Optional

3157 canbus led bulb offers a choice of White(6500K), Yellow(Halogen 3000K), AMBER(1600K). Do your automobile with a more stylish signal lighting.

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Instant On/Off

Start 0.6 seconds faster than OEM rotate signal light.


LedoAuto design #: B37T2066S2001-CCNWLed Chips: 66*2016SMDColor Available: White (6500K; Yellow (Halogen 3000K); AMBER (1600K )Voltage: 10-30VCurrent Output: 1700±100mALumen: 2000LMWarranty: 18 monthsCertificates: CE, RoHS

3157 Canbus Led pear White for Replacement


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