You can not remember she from the premiere that The Bachelor , however that"s not because Lauren "LB" Barr wasn"t memorable — it"s just because there space 500 Laurens this season. LB is a fashion buyer from Oklahoma and has a fairly optimistic outlook ~ above marriage. On her alphabet bio, the 23-year-old stated that marital relationship means, "They space your best friend and you always put them prior to yourself." as a reminder, Ben thinks marital relationship "is a full sacrifice. Marital relationship is around a commitment to one more person and also total sacrifice to meet that commitment." So, that sounds choose these two are on the exact same page, i m sorry is promising. We"ll have to wait to see where Ben"s connection with LB goes, but until then you could be wondering what LB was up to prior to The Bachelor .

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At a rapid glance, LB seems like many 23-year-olds. Her social media reflects her as a fun, social, and family-oriented girl. She"s nailed the not-so-candid smiling picture that us all strive to figure out. She"s also been photographed v a skilled golfer as recently as November, so that knows that that means in the kingdom of exactly how long she"ll last.

Here"s what you must know around LB"s life prior to The Bachelor.

She"s Hanging With another Contestant

At very first glance, this looks prefer a squad purposes photo, but if girlfriend look closely, Lauren H. Is featured ~ above the far left. Either these two knew each other prior to or lock became great friends on the show. Ns guess we"ll uncover out.

She"s Teasing one more Contestant

Guess who. About the premiere that The Bachelor, LB teased someone in this pixilated photo. If you go to she Instagram, you"ll watch that Jef Holm (yes, the Jef Holm) comment on the photograph asking if it to be him blurred out. While my money is top top Becca, his comment leader me to ask: exactly how does LB understand Jef Holm?

She"s Been obtaining Her Ears

Outside that teasing Bachelor contestants, LB has actually been earning her very first pair of ear at Disney!

She additionally Got her Wings

I can"t even blame her for taking a photo with this awesome street arts mural.

She"s Prepping because that A group Date

I think we deserve to all agree that a boxing group date is tied to happen this season.

She"s to be Photographed v Rickie Fowler

Plot twist! LB posted two photos with professional golfer Rickie Fowler ~ above Instagram in November (and one in September). Complete Sorority relocate says that Fowler and his ex-girlfriend newly split, but there"s no information on if these two room dating.

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While the photos v Fowler are a bit confusing, we"ll need to watch her journey of love through Ben to watch what yes, really happens!

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