Mexican singer and also actress Thalía had actually an emotionally reunion in Mexico with her grandm Eva Mange, that turned 100 years old



Thalía travel to Mexico to be with her grandmother, Eva Mange, on she 100th birthday. The mexico singer and also actress, 46, common a photo of the emotional reunion ~ above Instagram Jan. 21. “Today was an unforgettable day! God gave us the blessing of celebrate our grandmother’s 100th birthday! Eva Mange Márquez, i love you,” she wrote.

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But there was another reason the expedition was for this reason special: Thalía reconnected v her sister and Mange’s longtime caretaker, mexican actress Laura Zapata, 61. In 2012, after their mommy died and also Zapata took end caring because that Mange, family members drama erupted end money that resulted in a lawsuit versus Thalía and her three other sisters.

At a party thrown by Zapata in ~ Mange’s Mexico City home, Zapata and Thalía placed past distinctions aside, also singing together along with a mariachi band.

The singer and also entrepreneur, who resides in California v her American music executive husband Tommy Mottola and also their children Sabrina, 10, and also Mateo, 6, did not arrive at the party empty-handed. She lugged Mange a gorgeous seven-layer pink cake through a dedication in the frosting: “100 year Evita! us love friend abuelita. Sabrina, Mateo, Thalía, Tommy.”

The festivities likewise included a fixed in Mange’s honor. Univision’s entertainment present El Gordo y la Flaca — co-hosted by Thalia’s longtime girlfriend Lili Estefan — extended the fiesta and also shared details on its Instagram’s page.

A couple of hours prior to hopping top top a flight to hug her in person, Thalía honored her maternal grandmother’s centennial on Jan. 19 with an Instagram post of Mange looking lovingly at her great-grandson, Mateo, when he to be a baby. “Happy birthday abuelita. Today it’s been 100 years because you very first saw the irradiate of job in the precious beaches that La Paz, Baja California. Us love you so much grandma. Sabrina, Mateo, Tommy and also I celebrate your life!” she composed in the caption.

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The article garnered end 80,000 likes and hundreds of comments in a few hours. “Wow, 100 years! might God continue to bless she and constantly care for her,” one user said. “What a blessing to have your grandma because that so countless years. Indigenous heaven, doña Yola is also celebrating with so lot joy,” an additional added, pointing out Mange’s daughter Yolanda Miranda, the singer’s lovely mother, who passed far in 2011 at age 76 from a heart attack.

Some the the singer’s followers on Instagram comment on her birthday post, urging her to visit Mange and also congratulate she in person. “The best gift is her presence. Visit her,” one pan said. “Hug your grandma Thalía,” another added. Take into consideration it done!

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