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Spacious, versatile and also comfortable, the Argonne setup has so lot to sell for one unbeatable value. Floor-to-ceiling home windows make for a breathtaking and vibrant view. The two-bedroom setup is regularly arranged together a one-bedroom and also den.

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The Lenbrook society is a product the its unique, individual residents. You have to visit the neighborhood to experience The Lenbrook Difference, yet until then, take it a minute to "meet" several of the citizens right here.

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One of our residents invited me to a Buckhead Rotary conference this year to hear Horst Schulze. Ours resident is a retirement Marriott executive, and also Mr. Schulze was cofounder of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. Mr. Schulze talked around the beginning of his currently legendary saying: “Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

Mr. Schulze relayed the story of wanting to it is in in the hospitality business ever because he was about 14. And how, at that early on age, he left home and went to occupational as a dishwasher in ~ a 5-star hotel around 100 miles far from his German village. Together he started his researches in hospitality there, he was asked to compose a file about the ide of "service." In his file he challenged his first supervisor’s advice that employees were and also should stay basically invisible to guests, and also stay the end of their way. The supervisor want employees to recognize they to be inconsequential contrasted to the hotel’s well guests. 

In comparison to what he had actually been told, Mr. Schulze recalled that once the hotel"s Maître Di gone into the dining room, anyone took an alert – not just the dining room staff, but even the hotel’s best guests. He saw just how the Maître Di personally communicated with the guests and how each showed respect for the other. It was apparent that back the Maître Di was an employee, he to be neither invisible no one inconsequential. In fact, together a youth, Mr. Schulze could tell the the guests assigned the Maître Di a high level that importance.

To serve is come Care and also to treatment is to Serve

Mr. Schulze is big on words “serve.” he is a huge believer that in hospitality you serve. But he believes, as carry out I, the you space not a servant-- if you do your job with excellence. That’s what’s at the structure of his ideology of “Ladies and gentlemen offer ladies and also gentlemen.”

What proceeds to intrigue me about his philosophy and also slogan is the importance put on the word “serving.” In emerging a method to bring this post to ours associates, I have actually wrestled through reconciling the an adverse connotations that can additionally come through the words "serve" and also "serving."To me, to offer is to care. Us make that a point to choose associates that innately have actually a sense of caring since caring is an essential to offering excellent organization to our residents. We are a ar with 500 citizens and almost 300 associates. Caring is necessary to a true community, from mine perspective. And, having Mr. Schulze’s story together an example, has allowed me come align what i knew in mine heart, yet was having trouble articulating clearly to ours associates. 

Competency, Responsiveness and Caring Equal experienced Excellence

Another crucial concept ns took away from Mr. Schulze’s talk was the thought that if you offer your guests with excellence, you are a professional at what girlfriend do. While your job may be come “serve guests,” you are a professional when you serve guests through excellence. At our community, The Lenbrook means emphasizes the 3 core traits of caring, competence and also responsiveness together the basis because that achieving skilled excellence in what us do. It shows as soon as associates and also residents greet each other everyday by name. Or when you record a conversation ensuing when one human being asks another, v sincerity, “How room you today?”

Taking proud in Presentation

I to be reminded again of easily you deserve to elevate someone’s impression of you before you ever say a word. It was at our latest new employee orientation wherein the ideal dressed person in the room to be our brand-new dishwasher. He come wearing a dress shirt, a tie and pressed khakis. I bet Horst Schulze showed up because that his very first day ~ above the project looking his ideal too. It provides an impression, and good one in ~ that.

My first job together a teenager was together a bellman at the flagship, 500-room holiday Inn ~ above Clearwater Beach. Our very first responsibility was to greet and also welcome the guests, and help with their bags. Yet every hour, we had actually to clean every the front home windows – to save them spring fresh, clean and also inviting. The owner taken how good presentation helped to produce good very first impressions.

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To this day, i’m a stickler about clean windows and also I deserve to now view that the hotel owner cared enough about the tiny details that would certainly ensure a confident visit for his guests. And now, ~ listening come Horst phone call his story, i am convinced that we not only have actually caring associates at Lenbrook, I believe we room "ladies and also gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen." 

Chris Keysor is President and Chief Executive Officer of Lenbrook. His passion for the an elderly living industry began early in his career as a CPA v KPMG Peat Marwick. Chris advanced in executive responsibilities over the years, working for a senior healthcare provider, medical care financing establishments and an elderly living consulting groups. Chris is additionally a nationally ranked Ironman triathlete, i m sorry he says comes in handy increasing his 2 young youngsters with his wife below in Atlanta.