When you start off a marriage with the wedding dress recording on fire, the can"t get any worse, right? simply ask Kym Johnson and also Robert Herjavec.

The former "Dancing v the Stars" partner wed in Los Angeles, July 31. The was during the ceremony, on the means to the altar, the train of the dancer"s Monique Lhuillier gown went up in smoke after going end a candle.

Herjavec, the "Shark Tank” entrepreneur, called People, "We smelled something and also we thought, is someone having actually a barbecue? Then us realized the Kym"s dress was top top fire!”

Johnson mentions, “I virtually went up in flames! thank God my man of honor stomped it out through his foot. But underneath my dress is totally singed.”

Next time you to speak you want to look hot in a dress, just make certain it doesn"t go up in flames!

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