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She may have actually no difficulty flaunting the on social media, but Kylie jenner does obtain a little shy talking about that “promise ring” she obtained from her friend Tyga a few months ago.

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The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and also her sisters Kendall zener sat down through E! News ~ above Monday to promote their brand-new novel, Time of the Twins: The Story the Lex and also Livia, yet when the conversation turn to their love lives, Kylie, 19, obtained somewhat bashful.

“ ‘We’re simply chilling,’ ” she repeated, eyebrows raised and pointedly getting to towards the huge rock on Kylie’s left hand.

“You recognize … this is just a tiny promise ring,” stated Kylie v a awkward smile, staring down at the bling.

Kylie and also Tyga, 27, were an initial linked in the autumn of 2014, though they didn’t confirm the relationship until march 2015. Complying with her 18th date of birth in August that year, the two came to be much more open as a couple, regularly stepping out together and also documenting much of their love on social media.

Notwithstanding a couple of brief splits, the two have been going strong ever since, and in September Kylie required to Snapchat to reveal that the sparkly diamond ring she had been attract on that finger was a promise ring native the rapper.

“If this is a promise ring, I desire to understand what mine engagement ring gonna look like,” she captioned a close-up shot of the rock.



And Kylie, being Kylie, returns diamonds v diamonds: once Tyga commemorated his birthday on Saturday, she gifted him with one exceptional bracelet.

“60 carats for my baby,” she captioned a Snapchat video of she beau rocking the new bling.

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But the wasn’t all: Kylie had actually a totality day of fun planned because that Tyga’s large day, arranging because that the duo and their crew to head the end to a shooting selection in Arizona, adhered to by a glamorous night out. Earlier in the week, she surprised her boyfriend with a date of birth party planned through the assist of his 4-year-old son, King Cairo, complete with cupcakes, a cake and also homemade presents.

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