Keeping Up through the Kardashians Season 12 episode 19 Review: mr of the Cougars

Elsewhere in Kardashian land, Kim it s okay lunch v her finest friend Jonathan and also tells him around her driving anxiety – why no Kim have actually a personal driver?

The civilization may never know, however we did get to the bottom of the great mystery of just how Kim wears hair in the middle of summer.

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ns love the you’re never really hot or cold.

Jonathan Cheban

That does no seem possible. At all.

After Scott joined in ~ above Kris’ Pilates session, and compares the suffer to having a child, it’s safe to say there is a factor God chose women should be the people to give birth. This suffer does not avoid the mr from hanging out v Kris’ friend though.

This is choose a bad porno through a venereal disease.


While it might seem odd, no one need to blame Scott for wanting to cave out through Mama Kris since her friends, that include Real Housewives the Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards and also Faye Resnick, space a fact TV dream squad.

If only among the single real housewives (Sonja Morgan or Brandi Glanville come come mind) and Scott obtained together. However, Kris bringing increase Kylie’s gynecologist within five minutes brought the tea in a various direction than Scott (and everyone at home) to be expecting.

Meanwhile Kendall, who has actually been MIA since KUWTK returned, discover she has been taking care of sleep paralysis (how maybe people do you think just googled “sleep paralysis?”), and also one could argue the is tough to sympathize through a supervisor rich version that gets to travel the civilization by exclusive plane.



Watching Kim “conquer” her stress and anxiety after one session through a therapist was likewise less than relatable, yet posed an amazing question as soon as she uncovered comfort thinking around her dad: What would the Kardashians be if Robert Kardashian was quiet alive?

Does anything say “Happy Father’s Day” quite like a Kimoji bike short that states “Turbo Thot?”

Unsurprisingly, Kim help Kendall with her stress by the finish of the episode. If just everyone could cope v their tension by mediating at a mansion in Calabasas.

Back in “cougar town,” Scott goes come water aerobics with Kris. And it gets genuine awkward. Real fast.

ns Tracy and I to be told you guys like the hard.

Tracy Wolf

Heather McDonald also continues to do the truth TV display rounds (the comedian do an illustration on actual Housewives the Orange County) critical week, but claims on she podcast (yes, ns listen come Juicy Scoop sometimes… #NoShame) that she can never be on a fact show. Lol.

This is choose a stripper class.


Scott takes a rest from his new besties after gift teased by Kourtney and Kim, but does not provide up his cougar throne because that long. Who could say no come wine and also painting through your ex-girlfriend’s mom?

Kris also bonded v Kendall in this episode in true Kardashian fashion: by forcing her right into taking selfies with her.

This is choose a stripper class.

Never adjust Kris Jenner, never change.

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What did friend think that this episode? Did friend relate come Kendall and Kim"s anxiety? What carry out you think Kris" friends thought of Scott and also could he pop up on an illustration of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

 To save up through Kendall"s sleeping patterns and Kris and Scott"s society circle, make certain you watch keeping Up with the Kardashians online.