What identifying factors do you usage to identify these? I'm having actually a hard time and it would certainly be tremendously negative if i ate poison ivy.

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kudzu has hairs on the bottom of the leaves. Over there are other plants that have actually hairy leaves yet poison ivy is not among them.

This is poor though. Understanding that a tree isn't poison ivy doesn't average that over there aren't other plants the won't take it you out. I could walk into my back yard and find three different vines the I have actually no organization eating, none kudzu or toxicity ivy. I remove those.

You're in the south, right? uncover some sow's thistle, dandelion, dock, amaranth, penny wort, disagreement weed, or other pot herbs the are fairly easy to identify, an extremely well documented on google, and also free.

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Most importantly, I desire to advice you to it is in careful. Poison ivy and also kudzu are very different plants and if these can be confused, any variety of other dangerous combinations can be as well. Ns would discover someone yes, really knowledgable come walk v you in human being to point out the differences prior to you actually start eating them. The said, poison ivy is a difficult plant to peg therefore I have the right to understand part confusion and also will try and assist with some notes.

Here are some distinguishing features in no particular order:

Poison ivy tends to have actually red hues in it. Young leaves, stems, fall shade - every one of these are deserve to be distinctly red (it's likewise highly variable).

Poison ivy in general has woodier trunk and much more glossy/waxy leaves. Kudzu is practically always more "hairy" (young stems).

Kudzu leaf lobes room distinctly an ext rounded and variable than poison ivy. Ivy will normally have a much more distinct trifoliate leave form without intermediate, rounded develops - they emerge from the stem together 3. Kudzu is much more like sassafras or catalpa in its change leaf form (a basic trait of the legumes in general to a specific degree).

Kudzu is a much more vegetative vine and tends to type thick mats on top of other vegetation in full-sun situations. Toxicity ivy is a much more shade tolerant aboriginal that have the right to be found in patchy thickets throughout the woodland if over there is sufficient disturbance/sun. It normally will form less homogenous thick mats over vast swaths that vegetation, despite it will certainly thrive and spread in complete sun. Kudzu will conquer roadway clearings and also poison ivy can be extremely common in forest "holes".

Only poison ivy will thrive prostate, woody stems straight from the soil. This is variable but poison ivy can be downright shrub like, sending really woody (albeit small) upright stems up. It is also really much a vine though - an exceptionally versatile plant. It is much less shrub choose in the south, which deserve to be confusing.

Older tribe of toxicity ivy show up to have an insane quantity of roots coming the end of them above ground and especially increase trees. No technically roots yet for id, that doesn't matter. The totality stem is exploding with little suckers wherein kudzu stems get smoother together they age. They are opposite in this way, together young trunk of kudzu seem hairier than ivy i beg your pardon is constantly smooth and also glossy in young shoots.

Kudzu is a an extremely delicate plant that is conveniently ripped native the vine in young shoots. Though i wouldn't recommend trying this, ivy is remarkable tougher. Think iceburg lettuce compared to leeks or artichokes.

The flowers and fruit space a dead giveaway so i won't get in that.

There room many much more differences however these are, ns think, the handy ones when you can't capture them flowering. Again, please practice caution. Friend should be able to id these 2 plants in ~ 50 feet away before you even take into consideration eating them - castle are easily distinguishable when you discover them. A young Acer negundo have to make friend think twice about ivy i would much much more than kudzu, for instance. Kudzu is a sore thumb and also once you learn it, you understand it instantly.

I once held a foraging party and also had to pull aside a to teach assistant because that plant biology at a major university front of time come let him understand that his mushroom was without doubt poisonous and couldn't be served. Us walked v the keys, and he i agreeed - very thankfully I could add. Perform not eat anything unless you are 100% certain what that is.

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And there i go sounding like an asshole. Sorry because that that. I know this is all speculative as you to be only working out precaution in the an initial place by posting this, and for that I have actually immense respect. Hope this will assist you v your id yet ultimately you have to take any type of comment here with a serial of salt and base your ids top top taxonomic keys and also field guides. It's a ache in the ass but, hey, therefore is plant Id sometimes.