Between 2 TV shows, a book, and her own personal knitting hobby, Ritter's obtained her hands full of creative projects, but she's love every second of it. The titular star the Marvel's Jessica Jones top top Netflix is working on Season 2 that the collection as well as her second Netflix show, The Defenders, i beg your pardon brings with each other Ritter's character and also three various other superheroes on an Avengers-like team.

You are watching: Krysten ritter hair color recorded up v Ritter in ~ the solemn event of the 10th anniversary of Saks fifth Avenue's 10022 shoe Mecca this week come chat around Jessica Jones, knitting, and all things Marvel. Review the interview below, and catch her brand-new show, The Defenders, top top Netflix now.



The Defenders premieres Friday ~ above Netflix, and also you're reprising your role of Jessica Jones ~ above a new crime-fighting team. Jessica can be type of a loner sometimes, for this reason what’s the team dynamic prefer for her specifically?

Well, Jessica doesn’t really play well through others, therefore the dynamic is her calling everyone on their shit. Yet she’s an extremely funny and also brings a sarcastic bite that you would suppose from Jessica Jones. Obviously she to know Luke Cage really well, very intimately. She likewise forms a sort of unlikely friendship through Daredevil, i beg your pardon is a fun dynamic because that me.

And then Jessica and also Iron Fist space on fully different trajectories. They’re in an extremely different places, and also she’s calling the . So that’s mostly the dynamic. She’s wake up to participate. The team is reluctant to also get together, but at your core, when they’re all loners, castle will show up as soon as they’re needed. And also I think that’s what gets them with each other is that at your core, they are great people, and also they will certainly stand up because that the tiny guy.

Jessica in certain is well-known for her serious personality. Do you think you’re choose her in actual life?

No, no. And I think it’s funny since the crew and also the cast, we all kind of make funny of how I’m in character, and also then after that I’m giggling and knitting and also wearing shining orange sneakers.

Oh yeah, I’m really into knitting. I have weird hobbies and also things prefer that. I’m likewise into important oils; I’m an extremely unlike the character . I’m much an ext goofy and silly, and she just broods and also kind of lives in a dark headspace.

It’s awesome. The explores various parts the yourself; it explores different experiences you’ve had actually along the way. I love Jessica due to the fact that she’s therefore strong, and she’s for this reason unlike any other personality we’ve seen. And also I love the she’s dirty and also she’s no wallflower. She simply does what’s appropriate for her, and also that’s something the excites me.



You’ve gained a lot walking on with The Defenders, Season 2 2 of Jessica Jones, and also your an initial book coming the end soon.

Everyday you shot something new. So ns just shot to store myself healthy physically and nutritionally. Ns also try to uncover moments where I have the right to knit and also read the new hot book. I work-related really hard; that doesn’t just happen by sit on the couch. I don’t also remember the last time i sat ~ above the couch. I have not sat on the couch in months.

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But I’m for this reason fortunate the my job, to me, doesn’t really feel like a job. I love it. I’m a an imaginative person. Ns love come write, i love come act, i love come perform, ns love to develop things v my hands, so ns do all of these points that are sort of like hobbies in a way. They’re things that ns love, for this reason it’s not like a work-life balance, it’s just a work-life marriage.


I check out a most books, and also it’s other I’ve always wanted come do. Years ago, I created a book proposal for something else entirely, various content, different idea, and also I just delighted in that process. The felt to me not unlike preparing for a duty with the kind of character work that i do. I’ve created pilots, I created a movie. This was kind of a method to shot something brand-new and jump in and also not be afraid. It’s just one of those things, I had actually this idea and I was choose 'Let me try to carry out this together a book and see just how it goes, check out where ns fare.'