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#UglySweaterforBetter, A brand-new Addition come Kmart"s yearly Campaign to Raise Millions because that Lifesaving Research and also Treatment of Childhood Cancer and Other Life-Threatening Diseases


Kmart and also
stjude and also includes the project hashtag #UglySweaterforBetter.



St. Jude patient Diana. Credit picture to: ALSAC/St. Jude


Backing this first-of-its-kind campaign built upon the share of ugly sweaters is a wide array the Kmart and also St. Jude celebrity supporters and donors, consisting of Adam Levine, Jaclyn Smith, Lucy Hale, Reggie Bush, Raven-Symonè, Camilla Belle, Olivia Holt, Bryan Greenberg, and many more. Castle will an obstacle other celebrities, household members, friends and also fans to give back this vacation season.

"Kmart has actually been selling ugly holiday sweaters because that decades, and also our members simply eat them up every year. They are a fabulous fad the everyone loves!" claimed Kelly Cook, chef Marketing Officer because that Kmart. "What better way to spread out holiday cheer because that a good cause than by wearing your silliest, wackiest, straight-up tackiest ugly sweaters to benefit the patients and also families that St. Jude? This relationship means so much to Kmart"s associates and members, and also we asking for people of all ages to join in ~ above the fun, strike a attitude and aid us progressive a ton that money because that this one-of-a-kind organization."

Since 2006, Kmart has been just one of the height fundraising this firm partners for St. Jude and also raised more than $105 million because that the hospital"s patients and also families.

"Every year Kmart associates and shoppers open their hearts come the lifesaving mission that St. Jude with their incredible assistance of the St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign," claimed Marlo Thomas, National Outreach Director for St. Jude Children"s research study Hospital. "As a an outcome of your efforts, Kmart has raised a amazing $105 million for St. Jude, an ext than any company in the hospital"s history, permitting St. Jude to proceed groundbreaking research and treatment every while maintaining our starting promise that no family members receives a invoice from St. Jude because that anything -- not for treatment, travel, housing or food -- because every a household should worry about is help their boy live."

In enhancement to the social media challenge, members have the right to support the #UglySweaterforBetter fundraising to plan by purchase an to exclude, $5.00 holiday bear ornament at Kmart shop or virtual at Because that every qualifying ornament sold, Kmart will donate $1.00 to St. Jude**. Totes special artwork created by St. Jude patients are for sale for simply $1.99 at all Kmart stores, with 100 percent the the proceeds benefiting St. Jude. Donations to St. Jude may additionally be made online via a connect at

Throughout the campaign, Kmart associates will certainly be attract T-shirts special artwork produced by St. Jude patient to show support that the St. Jude Thanks and also Giving campaign.

To uncover out an ext about the #UglySweaterforBetter challenge, visit To learn more about the St. Jude Thanks and also Giving project or to make a donation, visit

To uncover your local Kmart, visit

*Kmart will certainly donate $1.00 because that every Instagram post tagging

**Through December 31, 2017, Kmart is donating $1.00 from the in­ save or online purchase of every qualifying be afflicted with ornament to St. Jude, v a minimum total campaign donation of $50,000.

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About St. Jude Children"s research Hospital St. Jude Children"s research Hospital is top the method the people understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other fatal diseases. St. Jude has actually the world"s best survival prices for the most aggressive childhood cancers, and treatments created at St. Jude have helped press the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to 80 percent since we opened much more than 50 year ago. St. Jude is working to drive the overall survival rate for childhood cancer to 90 percent, and also we won"t protect against until no boy dies native cancer. St. Jude freely shares the discoveries we make, and also every child conserved at St. Jude method doctors and also scientists an international can use that knowledge to save thousands much more children. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing and food – due to the fact that all a household should worry around is helping their boy live. Sign up with the St. Jude mission through visiting or following St. Jude top top and also