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began his experienced tarot job at the age of 16. At age 20, he opened his very own tarot shop, Athena"s Oracle. Elliot performs tarot readings for a substantial international clientele that contains Hollywood scriptwriters, high-profile journalists, actors, doctors, and also entrepreneurs.

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Everybody likes the King of Cups. He is kind, affable, and forgiving. He has actually nothing left come prove to the world, which renders him unpretentious. This is due to the fact that he is totally at peace with his very own feelings. The King that Cups has actually experienced both stormy seas, and also still waters that run deep. Water and cups stand for feelings in the tarot, and the King of cup is perfect at house in the kingdom of his emotions. He tells us, "You are constantly going to have actually feelings, why no channel their power into something constructive?"

Are you comfortable in her skin ideal now? to be you taught sensitivity renders one weak? space you periodically so ruled by an unfavorable past emotions the you space left emotion sad, unmotivated, and depressed?

The King of cups knows the emotions can buoy united state or sink us. Feelings deserve to be helpful or destructive, as with the ocean. Emotions aren"t great or bad, they room energy. The mind filters whereby feelings flow. As soon as unleashed, emotions can develop a powerful current that manifests results, either optimistic or negative. Therefore, you want to store our feel flowing amid currents of joy and also happiness… therefore they don’t work versus what you space trying to manifest.

Two symbols appear the background of the King"s card. The whale and the ship. The whale is the document keeper that the ocean.<1> They are the old giants that remember all the method back to a time as soon as they offered to live ~ above land. The whale symbolizes the capability to access old memories from the depths. Whales breath air, providing them the capability to bring old, memories and also feelings come the surface for understanding and healing. Through making peace with the past you don’t have to work so difficult to stand up to it.

The floating ship represents the strength of the mental to create solutions to harness the water (feelings). The seas and also oceans used to be large barriers before humans could build ships. After human being started inventing boats, the waters became super highways. Concepts were exchanged, and also trade increased. The waters were channeled right into a confident result.

The King"s secure throne remains over the waves. He is no ruled by his feelings however governs them. He stays in call with his deep emotions and also memories (the whale), but he is not overcome and submerged by castle (the ship). He can focus on a goal and then summon the strength of his emotions together a propellent to accomplish it.

When the King of cup appears, friend can pick whether come sink or swim in the realm of her emotions. Heed the King"s advice and make peace with the past. Forgive you yourself for every little thing was keeping you stuck. Forgive others who have actually hurt you, ortheywill continue to dominion the direction of her feelings.

The King of cup can also signify a kind-hearted human that you have the right to trust.

When the King of Cups shows up reversed,he advises friend to remain calm regardless of stormy seas. Together you can see, the King is surrounding by waters making good waves. Water signifies feeling in the tarot, and also reversed cups cards deserve to indicate an intensification of emotionally turmoil. The King of cups is sit on a firm stone platform, unaffected through the swirling waves about him. This suggests that the King can remain focused when cases that elicit strong emotional reactions.

The King of cup is likewise associated through the astrological sign of Cancer, which is came to with home. If you great to reclaim security amid stormy waters, gain your own home in stimulate (literally and figuratively). Litter out points you don"t need anymore. Remove clutter. The more you clean out your an individual environment, the much less heavy and also stressed you will certainly feel internally. Girlfriend may likewise see external problems improve. Your setting has the power to unconsciously influence your mood and self-esteem. If you have a secure base the operations whereby you feeling centered, you can handle any kind of waves headed your way.

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<1> Jamie Sams and also David Carson, Medicine Cards: Revised, broadened Edition (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1999), 201.