Robbed of his royal lineage as a child when his uncle usurped the throne, Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) returns to the kingdom once ruled by his father and draws the legendary sword Excalibur from the stone. He must then learn to harness the sword"s power in order to lead a rebellion against the tyrannical Vortigern (Jude Law) and reclaim his birthright. Guy Ritchie directed this stylized retelling of the story of King Arthur, which co-stars Eric Bana, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Djimon Hounsou, and Aidan Gillen. ~ Daniel Gelb

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Arthur With Swagger - Charlie Hunnam is a gentleman, a hunk and a rebel, seting new standards as king

Performance Credits
Charlie HunnamKing Arthur
Jude LawVortigern
Astrid Bergés-FrisbeyThe Mage
Djimon HounsouBedivere
Eric BanaUther
Aidan GillenBill
Freddie FoxRubio
Tom WuGeorge
Annabelle WallisMaggie
Kingsley Ben-AdirWet Stick
Neil MaskellBack Lack
Zac BarkerYoung Arthur 2 Years
Oliver BarkerYoung Arthur 2 Years
Geoff BellMischief John
Poppy DelevingneIgraine
Millie BradyCatia
Nicola WrenLucy
Wil CobanBrothel Blackleg
Bleu LandauBlue
Jacqui AinsleyLady of the Lake
Lorraine BruceSyren I
Georgina CampbellKay
Rob KnightonMordred
Michael HadleyMage King
David BeckhamTrigger
Katie McGrathElsa
Alan TurkingtonGeneral 1
Peter FerdinandoEarl of Mercia
Michael McElhattonJack"s Eye
Mikael PersbrandtGreybeard
Max RogersMan in Line
Charlie RawesAxeman
James WarrenMike
Ellie GrahamMaria
Rob CarpenterStreet Blackleg
Eline PowellSyren 2
Hermione CorfieldSyren 3
Philip BallVortigern Decoy
Henry FaberPained Man
Javan HirstMan
Kalle HennieViking
Mark EpsteinCeltic Sergeant
Peter GuinnessBaron 1
Mark UmbersBaron 2
Adrian BouchetBaron 3
Florence BellWoman 1
Anna Brooks-BeckmanWoman 2
Cordelia BugejaWoman 3
Fergal McElherronDan Clan
Rebecca CalderMaid 1
Bodhi Fox KeeneYoung Arthur 6 Months
Yannik BakerYoung Arthur 6 Years
Hugh RobbYoung Arthur 11 Years
Barney WalshYoung Arthur 19 Years
Kamil LemieszewskiMerlin
Henry W. SmithYoung Black Lack 19 Years
Malique Thompson-DwyerYoung Wet Stick 19 Years
Cole Wealleans-WattsYoung Wet Stick 11 Years
James AndersonYoung Black Lack 11 Years
Justin AvesBlackleg Captain
Technical Credits

Lionel Wigram
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Disc #1 -- King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 1. Scene 1 <12:42> 2. Scene 2 <8:21> 3. Scene 3 <11:26> 4. Scene 4 <10:36> 5. Scene 5 <13:37> 6. Scene 6 <9:59> 7. Scene 7 <7:24> 8. Scene 8 <9:30> 9. Scene 9 <12:51>10. Scene 10 <10:19>11. Scene 11 <12:00>12. Scene 12 <7:13>

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Disc #1 -- King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Play Scene Selections Languages Audio English English Descriptive Audio Français Español Subtitles English (For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) Français Español Subtitles: Off Special Feature Arthur With Swagger
Guy RitchieDirector,Producer,Screenwriter
Annie SymonsCostumes/Costume Designer
Bruce BermanExecutive Producer
Jimmy BoyleSound/Sound Designer
Thomas BrownArt Director
Anthony Caron-DelionArt Director
Oliver CarrollArt Director
Steve Clark-HallProducer
James CollinsArt Director
David DobkinExecutive Producer,Original Story
Haley Easton-StreetArt Director
Akiva GoldsmanProducer
Joby HaroldOriginal Story,Producer,Screenwriter
James HerbertEditor
James HerbertAssociate Producer
Mark HoltSpecial Effects Supervisor
Luke HullArt Director
Martin HumeCamera Operator
Gemma JacksonProduction Designer
Max KeeneAssociate Producer
Lizzie KilhamArt Director
John MathiesonCinematographer
Steven MnuchinExecutive Producer
Andrew PalmerArt Director
Daniel PembertonScore Composer
Reg Poerscout-EdgertonCasting
Alan J. StewartCinematographer
Katherine TibbettsProduction Manager
Tory TunnellProducer
Georgia WarnerArt Director
Lionel WigramProducer,Screenwriter