When it involves Halloween costumes, Kim Kardashian's pretty lot covered them all. Therefore from Princess Jasmine and tiny Red talk Hood to Wonder Woman and also an actual skeleton, us take you v 13 that Kim K's best Halloween outfits.


2. Taking a leaf out of Kylie's book? Kim rocked a platinum blonde wig because that this Mermaid costume.

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Girl, just how did girlfriend walk?Picture: Getty


3. ...and donned a equally striking hair-do because that this bold Poisin Ivy outfit.

This is just one of our faves. Picture: Getty


4. Kimmy glammed up as her favourite Disney princess for her 2009 look.

(Jasmine native Aladdin, obvs.)Picture: Twitter


5. We're cram it back to Kim's little Red riding Hood outfit - she also wore black color tights.

Keeping the conservative (kind of.)Picture: Getty

6. Kim was plainly VERY right into accessories in 2008, as she rocked this 20's flapper girl outfit.

The reality star likewise donned a quick curly bob. Picture: PA

7. Skeleton bodysuit? Check. Hair top top fleek? Check. Still rocking the killer smokey eye? double check.

Kim wore this exceptional outfit last year.Picture: Instagram

8. To be Kim trying to steal Kanye's heart with this 2010 Queen of hearts outfit?

This was one of three outfits the year. Yeah, THREE.Picture: Twitter

9. Looks favor it functioned - the loved up pair went together Catwoman and also Batman in 2012.

Rocking all the PVC.Picture: Getty

10. 2010 additionally saw Kim rock every girl's fail-safe Halloween outfit - the cat costume.

Bet her's wasn't from the local shopping centre though.Picture: Instagram

11. Spring every inch the Pirates that the Caribbean character in this sassy 2010 get-up.

You know, simply with more contour.Picture: Twitter

12. Kim took impetus from Vogue editor-in-chief (and BFF) Anna Wintour because that this outfit.

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She even dressed tiny daughter phibìc up together Vogue legend André Leon Talley.Picture: Instagram

13. And finally, Kim provided us with this lover Halloween throwback photo of her as a baby.

Minnie computer mouse never looked therefore cute.Picture: Instagram