Kim Kardashian is a reality star, model, bcouchsurfingcook.cominesswoman, fashionista, and, ofcourse, a mom. So, it"s no surprised that in one day, the 34-year-old would certainly postpictures from her stunning Marylin Monroe influenced Vogue Brasil covering shoot andan lover snap of bathtub time with daughter North West.

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Kim cacouchsurfingcook.comed a stir in ~ Paris Fashion Weekearlier this year as soon as she dyed she hair platinum blonde, and it currently seems thatKim"s makeover to be for a details purpose. The keeping up v theKardashians stardonned the old Hollywood look at in a sexy collection of photos shot byacclaimed photographer Ellen von Unwerth.


Kim donned she blonde hair for the sheathe of Vogue Brasil Photo: Vogue Brasil/Ellen von Unwerth

The magazine also revealed the whilethey had actually initially notified a wig for the shoot, there to be no need for the propwhen Kim arrived having already gone because that the plunge and also dyed she hair.

However, Marilyn Monroe wasn"t the just legendon Kim"s mind when she decided the correct change. "I"ve always had thisimage the Madonna with platinum hair in my references folder on my computer system andI"ve been wait a long time to shot the look," she told people magazine at the time. "I believed what much better time than right now for Paris FashionWeek. It to be a really last-minute decision."


Kim debuted she blonde hair in ~ Paris Fashion Week Photo: Getty Images

It seems apt that the Armenian beauty, that jcouchsurfingcook.comt commemorated her one year wedding anniversary with rapper Kanye West, has actually taken impetus from the fellow beautyicon. Kim it s her has often been praised for her capacity to build her brand,from she high fashion ensembles to creating Selfish, a book of she infamocouchsurfingcook.comselfies.

Although, Kim admitted come the Brazilian publishing that she is aware she still deals with criticism native those who say she hasn"tearned her fame v talent. "I an obstacle anyone to shot do to everything Ido and then tell me even if it is or not I have talent," she said.


Kim looks prefer Marilyn Monroe top top the covering of Vogue Brasil Photo: Instagram/

Doing everything consists of being a mom to daughter North. Within hrs ofposting pics of her Vogue cover, Kim go from bombshell to bathtub time. The entrepreneur common an adorable snapshot with her34.3 million Instagram pendant Thursday the the sweet 1-year-old enjoying bathtime with her mom. In the pic, the beautiful tot is clearly having a greattime, throwing her sud-covered head earlier happily.

"LOLZ," Kimcaptioned the photo.


Kim shared an beloved snap of phibìc West enjoying bathtub time Photo: Instagram/

Naturally,North is currently taking ~ her mother when it pertains to her love of every thingsbeauty. According to Kim, she has actually inherited she mother"s passion for hair andmake-up. "Ijcouchsurfingcook.comt had actually to gain her her own collection of make-up brcouchsurfingcook.comhes," the currently brunettebeauty revealed on Live! with Kelly and Michael. "She lets medo her hair. And she"s obsessed v doing she teeth."

Kim oftenshares picture on Instagram of north accompanying her once she gets all set for anevent, surrounded by she glam squad, so it comes as no surprised that the littleone has already picked up a few tricks follow me the way.


North and also Kim have come to be quite the mother-daughter-duo Photo: Instagram/

"Shecan open up my blcouchsurfingcook.comh, placed the brcouchsurfingcook.comh in and put that on her cheek," Kim revealedto human being earlier this year. "Today she was opened my lipstick. She putsit to her lips prefer she to know what she"s doing!"

She maystill be functioning on her beauty routine, yet North has currently become a minifashion icon. When she to be jcouchsurfingcook.comt a few weeks old, she had currently been giftedhundreds of desire items of clothes from the world"s many high-profiledesigners.

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Sincethen, she has additionally made appearances sitting front row at some of the world"smost runways consisting of Alexander Wang and Givenchy. Phibìc hasalso turned heads in sweet ensembles that complement mom Kim"s, with the pairquickly becoming fashion"s ultimate mother-daughter duo. However, it seems thatNorth is already setup standards regarding what she will wear.

"She"sreally details about what she likes come wear," Kim said People. "She"ssuch a girlie girl."