Kim Kardashian and Old Navy have settled a lawsuit filed last summer after the clothing chain aired a commercial starring a model-singer-dancer via a striking resemblance to the reality-TV star.

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That according to a record filed Friday with the U.S. District Court.

Kardashian asserted the ad can confuse consumers when it pertained to the products she does endorse, consisting of a apparel line at Sears. Old Navy shelp that wasn’t its intention.

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Though no dollar amount was attached to the lawsuit, numbers prefer $15 million to $20 million in damages were being tossed roughly in July of last year. So just how a lot did they work out for? Alas, we may never before know.

“The lawsuit was readdressed to the shared satisfaction of the parties,” the 2 sides said in a joint statement.

Can you say boring? Oh well, the lawsuit was filed in the realm of reality, not on reality TV, so the chance of fireworks was tremendously lower.

In case it’s not enough that both of the affiliated parties are content while the remainder of us sit roughly unsatisfied in the dish department, we current the video above featuring Melissa Molinaro, the star of Old Navy’s “So Cute” ad, in a music video all her own.

Click here if you want to view the ad, and judge whether Ms. MM did or didn’t look too a lot like Ms. KK.

The Associated Press added to this report.


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