Kim Kardashian and also Old navy have settled a lawsuit filed last summer after ~ the clothing chain aired a commercial certification a model-singer-dancer with a striking same to the reality-TV star.

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That follow to a document filed Friday with the U.S. Ar Court.

Kardashian asserted the advertisement might confused consumers as soon as it pertained to the products she go endorse, including a garments line in ~ Sears. Old Navy stated that wasn’t its intention.

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Though no disagreement amount was attached come the lawsuit, numbers prefer $15 million to $20 million in damages were gift tossed around in July of last year. So how much walk they settle for? Alas, we may never know.

“The lawsuit was resolved to the common satisfaction of the parties,” the two sides stated in a joint statement.

Can you to speak boring? oh well, the lawsuit was filed in the kingdom of reality, not on truth TV, for this reason the chance of fireworks was greatly lower.

In case it’s not enough that both the the involved parties space content while the rest of united state sit around unsatisfied in the food department, we current the video clip above featuring Melissa Molinaro, the star of Old Navy’s “So Cute” ad, in a music video all her own.

Click right here if you want to watch the ad, and also judge whether Ms. MM go or no look too much like Ms. KK.

The linked Press added to this report.


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