Just like the first person to slap some delicious ingredients in between two pieces of sliced bread, we’ve gained a great pairing for you: a garden bed the composts.

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We most likely don’t require to cite that growing problems in Africa are much less than ideal

The Composting Keyhole Garden brings all of the revolutionary principles necessitated through the restrictions of that climate to her garden – allowing you to achieve a higher yield with less work. Keyhole Gardening is a sustainable technique – add alternating great of brown and green matter (newspapers, cardboard, vegetable scraps, etc.) come the center compost bed. This add to carbon, nitrogen, and air come the soil enabling you to develop a large amount of nutritious, organic food making use of the the very least amount of an are and the the very least amount that water.



Not just is the african Keyhole Garden dryness tolerant, yet it is additionally raised, reducing the need for bending and also stooping. Might this be any better? – yes! The african Keyhole idea is an old idea, but we manufacture it through premium, modern-day materials, so that all you have to do is provide it a rapid spray through a garden hose to store your african keyhole garden feather beautiful year after ~ year - and also we’ll guarantee it for twenty years. If friend would quite not use the Keyhole Garden together a composting bed, simply load it up full of good soil instead. Then start planting.


The magic of the Keyhole Garden is in that composting abilities.

The Keyhole literally provides piles of typical household waste and converts it right into a rich cultivation environment for her vegetables come grow.

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The Composting Basket is an essential to adding nutrients to your garden bed.

It’s below where you have the right to continually use up your regular kitchen scraps to nourish her Keyhole Garden. For ideal composting success use the same Brown-Green alternating technique as this helps her compost work the best. Please check out instructions because that tips and complete details ~ above what you have the right to compost. You"ll it is in amazed!

"Black gold!"

After just a few months your twigs, sticks, cardboard and grass clippings turn right into a huge container of nutrient well-off soil the you deserve to reuse or transfer to various other parts of your garden!

Features:Material: BPA-Free Food class PVCColor: WhiteWarranty: 20 yearsDimensions: 182.9 centimeter x 182.9 cm x 55.9 cm (72 in. X 72 in. X 22 in.), 47.2 kg (104 lb.)Assembly difficulty: LowRecycles own boxRequires minimal wateringNo soil turnover

For questions or concerns regarding this product, please call the Manufacturer’s Customer organization Department in ~ 1.800.282.9346