This is simply among the many type of photos circumnavigating the globe using Twitter of Harry Styles and also Kendall Jenner canoodling like a pair of middleaged at an Eagles gig in LA over the weekend.

No, really, it is them. See, this is one of the clearer photos, what through you being able to make out Harry"s hairband also. If you don"t think us, here"s one of the other ones doing the rounds. See? Even squinting doesn"t assist that. That"s simply a fill of disembopassed away limbs.


The shots were taken by some eagle-eyed (see what we, and also eexceptionally various other outlet, did there?!) fan who was in the cheap seats during shelp Eagles concert and also promptly posted it on twitter. What"s more surprising than them being photographed together is that they both willfully attended an Eagles concert (although they were supposedly accompanied by Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.

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In other words, Harry is one action closer to showing up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Hey, if it"s good sufficient for Kanye - Yeezus incarnate and the "next Nelkid Mandela..."

Someone spouting to Grazia Magazine said: "Kris has actually always viewed her children"s relationships as organization methods (what doting mother wouldn"t?), so she desires him on the display. She insisted Kendall talk to him around it and has also made inroadways, explaining what an excellent possibility it would be for him... Harry has actually seen what having a connection in the public eye have the right to do, however he adores Kendall and also her family members and also he realizes that with that comes the show. Kris is just one of the finest negotiators out there, She always gets what she wants. Kris stated exactly how Kanye was reluctant to do it, which has definitely affected Harry. He has actually a lot of respect for Kanye. Harry is currently considering a little appearance, perhaps simply in one episode, or even a trailer. After all, his band was produced for the X Factor." 


Brian Lloyd

7 years ago


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