Last week, daytime TV personality Kelly Ripa hurt her left foot when performing a jumping relocate at a dance course after landing top top a weight that had actually accidentally been left out on the run floor. Viewers of her present saw her with crutches and a supportive walker boot on her left foot together she came out onto the stage. Ripa proclaimed that “it sounded choose bubble wrap” as soon as she “broke four bones in her foot.”

Fortunately for Kelly, it no look like the injury will call for surgery, but she will have to stay off of the foot for at least six weeks. Interestingly, in addition to her multiple fractures, she doctor likewise found a congenital problem called a calcaneonavicular coalition. Return Kelly said that this to be a “unique” condition, it is actually no all the uncommon and also is seen and treated at Kansas City Foot and Ankle.

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A calcaneonavicular coalition is actually one of three general varieties of tarsal coalition that occurs in the foot (the others being talocalcaneal and talonavicular). It is basically an abnormal connection in between the hoe bone (the calcaneus) and also another bone recognized as the navicular. This abnormality commonly happens during fetal advancement if the bones perform not separate entirely. The condition can be totally asymptomatic or may eventually reason problems. Often times, tarsal coalitions aren’t determined until adolescence or young adulthood, once the patient seeks help for painful level feet.

When tarsal coalitions are painful and lifestyle limiting, surgical correction may be required, yet as in the case of Kelly Ripa, some patients live their whole lives not learning they even have the condition. Kansas City Foot and also Ankle desire Kelly a speedy restore from she foot fractures and for sharing she interesting problem with she viewers!

The foot medical professionals of Kansas City Foot and also Ankle encourage anyone that has actually sustained a foot or fishing eye injury or anyone experiencing foot or ankle pains to view their regional Kansas City Podiatrist.

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