Welcome to our couchsurfingcook.com productivity Coaching Program! WHERE GROWTHAND SUCCESS room ABUNDANT!At Keller Williams southern Indiana, we favor to think the our productivity Coaching regimen as the automobile that help our agents to bridge the divide between understanding what that takes to success in genuine estate and also actually doing it. Focus, purposefulness and also accountability (all crucial ingredients come the success us all effort for) rarely if ever before come naturally. In fact, ours instinct oftentimes is to run from them. However those that purposely “stand ~ above the shoulders the giants” and take on the path to mainly success in our service are typically rewarded with much more business 보다 they understand what to execute with. Our management team intends to get you urged to adopt accountability as among the most an effective tools friend have accessible to achieve any level of success girlfriend desire.MISSIONEmpower agents to develop successful businesses v support and also accountability, to take it agents native zero to cap (Z2C) and also then to graduate to KW MAPS Coaching.GOALS/EXPECTATIONS FOR performance COACH & AGENT~To aid Agents lay a solid foundation to build upon so that they will graduate the end of the program, v the skills, determination and confidence to have a successful and also long job in actual Estate!~Increase certified dealer productivity and also confidence. ~PC to assist Agents in score Setting, planning, time blocking and also accountability. ~Meet with Agents and also utilize weekly 4-1-1.~Encourage efforts and activities necessary because that agents in the regimen to compose a contract in their first 30 days and also continue momentum. ~Help agents to acquire Capper standing in their very first 12 month (Earn 100% of your commission!)~PC to host 3 or much more Power hrs a week; activities to include:-script and role-play activities-lead-generation activities-videos-trainings ~ above Command-contracts & develops training~Group coaching for Agents – new to ½ Cappers.~Individual coaching for Agents ½ Cappers to fully Capped.~Agents to hear to and participate in free weekly MAPS PC development call.~Attend and also Graduate from complimentary IGNITE Program offered in house.~Attend free an initial Step come BOLD (FSTB).~PC will be accessible to answer, assist, testimonial contracts and encourage agents.


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