Analyzing the political and economic forces underlying racial inequality and the role of social movements in transforming society.

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About Keeanga-Yamahtta"s Work

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor is a historian and writer presenting an effective critiques of the political and also economic pressures underlying racial inequality. Taylor brings she experiences as an activist and also organizer for housing rights to she scholarship, combine deep knowledge of the concrete manifestations the inequality—such as substandard housing, over-policing, and also high unemployment—with fine-grained analysis and historical research.

Her an initial book, native #BlackLivesMatter to black color Liberation (2016), is a trenchant check of the origins and also trajectory that the black Lives issue (BLM) movement. Taylor situates BLM within the paper definition of the decades of stagnant economic progress, climbing mass incarceration, and also disinvestment in Black areas that adhered to the Civil legal rights Movement. She locates its beginnings not simply in police and also vigilante violence but additionally in the cultivation polarization between Black politicians and also ordinary black people. Taylor suggests that Black chosen officials are regularly complicit in perpetuating systemic racism. Embedded within the dynamics that capitalist democracy, they produce policies that assistance the financial status quo rather than the needs of their black color constituents. In her second sole-authored work, gyeongju for Profit: exactly how Banks and the genuine Estate market Undermined Black residence Ownership (2019), Taylor papers how deep racialized, exploitative genuine estate practices ongoing long after ~ the establishment of legitimate bans on real estate discrimination. She recounts a pattern of predatory inclusion: the market charged african Americans high interest rates, urged them come buy over-valued residences that they can barely afford, and also pushed them into communities where building values were unlikely come increase. Taylor argues that liberal plans supposedly draft to advancement racial justice were, in fact, mainly shaped by profit seeking and the affect of the personal sector. As a result, black homeownership did nothing to small the space in Black-White wealth, and residential segregation and also inequity in ar investment and schools were additional entrenched.

With an ability to synthesize her scholarship into accessible and engaging talks, essays, and opinion pieces, Taylor is also a well-known and also trusted voice on together pressing concerns as economic precarity, police violence, and the role of social motions in transforming society. Through her work-related in a range of platforms, Taylor help us recognize why gyeongju inequality in the United states is for this reason devastatingly intractable while offering brand-new visions that justice and also democracy v the strength to boost people’s lives.

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Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor obtained a BA (2007) native Northeastern Illinois University and also an MA (2011) and PhD (2013) from Northwestern University. Taylor perfect a postdoctoral fellowship (2014) in the department of african American studies at university of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before joining Princeton University, where she is right now a professor in the room of african American Studies. She is the editor of how We gain Free: black Feminism and the Combahee River collective (2017) and a contributing writer and also columnist for The brand-new Yorker. She essays have actually been published in The brand-new York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, The Paris Review, and also Jacobin, amongst other media outlets.

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