Fifth Harmony performs onstage throughout 101.3 KDWB’s Jingle round 2016 presented by capital One in ~ Xcel Energy center on December 5, 2016 in Minneapolis, MN. (Photo by Brian Friedman because that iHeartRadio)

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The yearly KDWB Jingle sphere was held on Monday night at St. Paul’s Xcel power Center. Around 15,000 people were there, comprising a strange mix of children and also their mothers, teens at their first concert ever, and also older pan of the slightly out of location Backstreet Boys.

With 11 bands ~ above the bill, every artist had time come play just their most popular songs, which was an appropriate promise to the optimal 40 pop lover that comprised most of the audience.

After Jon Bellion and Gnash opened up up the evening to a lukewarm crowd, Hailee Steinfeld performed hits like “Starving” and also “Love Myself” with confidence and sincerity, back she short originality in her phase presence. Tove Lo complied with with an undeniably sex-related performance in warm pink pants through a revolving vulva top top the display screen behind her, proudly belting out obscenities that iHeartRadio bleeps out. The Sweden indigenous sang effortlessly and moved like a rave attendee, breaking far from the usual popular music singer mold.

A refresh Alessia Cara come on next, makeup-free and dripping v authenticity. After moving a message about how we room brainwashed to no love ourselves, she carry out hits choose “Scars to your Beautiful” and also “Here” come lukewarm audience members the weren’t certain if they must be was standing or sitting.

Lukas Graham, a band from Denmark, came on stage alongside perform a rather boring medley that showy pop songs, the most painful of i m sorry was your hit “7 Years.”


Backstreet guys performs onstage throughout 101.3 KDWB’s Jingle sphere 2016 gift by resources One at Xcel Energy center on December 5, 2016 in Minneapolis, MN. (Photo by Brian Friedman for iHeartRadio)

At this allude in the night, the crowd to be a little awkward and also a tad robotic, probably due to the collective puberty that many of the attendees are right now going through. As soon as the Backstreet Boys come on, however, the full scope that the arena pertained to life v its multi-colored lights blazing. The Backstreet Boys have actually an untouchable collection of hits the are difficult not to run to, and also it shooting life right into the crowd. Although it to be slightly strange to check out the boy band (now guy band) performing their old hits with the exact same synchronized dance move to kids who hadn’t also been born when their last album come out, they seemed to be having actually a the majority of fun. And also that was sufficient to do the power enjoyable come watch.

G-Eazy continued to produce more noise indigenous the crowd, as the audience sang along to hits choose “Me, Myself and also I.” Diplo then came on phase to beat a few random songs the made the occasion suddenly feel like a “ladies drink for free” night. Songs the he produced, like Justin Bieber’s “Where R U Now,” felt strange because the volume no loud sufficient to develop the dance base that it needed. MO then come out to sing a couple of Major lazer hits, which aided a bit.

The closing act, fifth Harmony, carry out songs prefer “Worth It” and also “Work from Home” without a hitch however didn’t interact much with the crowd. Even though human being were clearly enjoying it, it was clear that they wanted more from the powerhouse women. A couple of words, maybe.

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Their dance moves to be flawless and also vocals sounded great, but they lacked link with the audience and also with each other.