TEEN mom star Kayla Sessler, 22, revealed she's PREGNANT through her third child in the Young & Pregnant trailer.

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The baby news comes after the mom-to-be again recently declared her infant daddy, Luke, cheated.


Teen mother star Kayla Sessler, 22, revealed she's PREGNANT through her 3rd child in the Young & Pregnant trailer

She shares her daughter Ariah through fiancé Luke Davis and also has kid Izaiah, three, through ex Stephan AlexanderCredit: Facebook

Kayla shocked audiences once she common at the finish of the Young & Pregnant trailer: "So I'm pregnant again."

She shares she daughter Ariah v fiancé Luke Davis and has son Izaiah, three, through ex Stephan Alexander.

It's no yet well-known who the dad of the unborn child is.


Earlier this month, one more Young & Pregnant preview showed Teen mother security breaking up a physical fight between Kayla and also her infant daddy Stephan's mom, Annette.

The clip, i m sorry aired during the Teen mom 2 reunion special, confirmed Kayla sitting down with her child's grandmother before an discussion ensued.

The disagreement started when Kayla carried up she three-year-old son's birthday calling the end her ex's mom for not acquiring him a gift.




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Annette responded: "Did you invite me to his party?," in i m sorry Kayla shoot back: "No, friend haven't been around. Friend don't with out."

Annette disagreed as soon as Kayla claimed she hadn't contacted them in two years.

"You said me to leaving you alone because you wanted to it is in left alone," she said.

The altercation escalated when Annette dubbed her grandchild's mom a b***h, prompting Kayla to lash the end "don't speak to me a b***h.

Stephen's mom then slammed she purse ~ above the table and proceeded come lunge at the 22-year-old.

MTV security automatically intervened to separate the two as Kayla gained knocked off she chair and also fell come the ground.

"What space you gonna do, hit me? real classy. Real f***ing classy. That's why you won't ever before see Izaiah again," Kayla claimed as she got back on her feet.

The truth star climate fished cash the end of her wallet and threw it at her infant daddy's mother saying it to be payment because that the garments she claimed she purchased for the toddler.

Annette again took another swing at Kayla, when security ongoing to organize her back.

"Hit me then. I'm no going come hit a get an impressive a** woman and also go and get in trouble, f**k that," Kayla replied as she to walk away.

Once security was able to calm she down, Izaiah's grandmother took the money that Kayla tossed in ~ her and also ripped it right into pieces.

Kayla responded: "Go rip up the money. I don't desire to hear nothing around those cheap a** clothes."

Think around that while throw some much more money in ~ somebody," Annette said.


Back in May, Kayla revealed that Izaiah's father hadn't watched his son since he was a year old.

She said a fan who asked if her child had contact with his father during an Instagram Q&A: "Remember the scene last season where I take it Izaiah come the park to fulfill Stephan?

"Yeah, that was the critical time. Ns was quiet pregnant v Ariah and Zay was just one."

In February 2018, court records exclusively acquired by The Sun showed Kayla filed a complain for support versus Stephan, 4 months after the birth of their son.

A month later, Stephan was ordered to pay $124 every month in temporary child support, however that April the lot was adjusted to $40 a month till June 2036.

Both Kayla and Stephan listed their monthly earnings at $751. Stephan noted MTV - new Remote Productions as his employer.

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Kayla later posted her kid support check in the amount of $11.07 from her ex ~ above Instagram.

Kayla shocked audiences once she common at the end of the Young & Pregnant trailer: "So I'm pregnant again."Credit: Instagram/kayla_sessler