The 23-year-old supermodel slayed the fashion prom’s red carpet in three Brandon Maxwell creations. Yes, Lady Gaga‘s BFF and also this year’s CFDA Swarovski Award for Womenswear nominee developed all three the Kloss’ tradition looks because that one night.

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Kloss kicked off the event by wearing a white gown that covered her shoulders and cinched at she waist. Yet wait! transforms out her first look was an ext of a chic coat due to the fact that moments later on Kloss appeared on the red carpet put on a totally sexier silhouette.

Still in the same shade white, her second look featured a choker neckline linked with plunging cutouts along the sides and also cleavage area. She slicked back updo to be a perfect neutral hairstyle for she triple transformations.

Following the star-studded soiree that had performances through the Weeknd, it was time for the afterparty. Kloss documented the post-Met Gala fun on Snapchat, explaining come fans the a stain on her fitted column skirt caused Maxwell acquisition a pair of scissors and cutting it right into a mini dress!

BrandonMaxwell cut my gown into mini,” the NYU college student captioned a video clip posted on Instagram. “We’re drinking and we’re cutting,” Maxwell said in the clip through Kloss responding, “This is a negative idea.”



While Maxwell is the mastermind behind the three designs, credit goes to Kloss’ stylist Karla Welch for arranging this collaboration. “Brandon’s interesting because he cut on the body,” Welch described to Vanity Fair around her client’s dress. “Karlie went in, and he put it ~ above the body, and also he literally simply took the scissors to it,” she continued, also adding that the group actually planned the end their principles via Skype and Facetime, very fittingly to this year’s Met Gala theme: fashion in an age of technology.

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Welch additionally successfully styled lord (in Valentino), Olivia Wilde (in Michael Kors) and also Michelle Monaghan (in Rosie Assoulin) for the evening.

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Karlie Kloss Gets her Met Gala Afterparty Dress reduced on her Body — check out Her 3 various Brandon Maxwell looks of the Night