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Taylor Swift ended up being friends v Karlie Kloss in 2012. Larry Busacca / Getty Images; Andrew H. Walker / Getty photos

While walking around Prabal Gurung"s studio throughout her 2012 Vogue interview, the "You Belong through Me" singer noticed a framed picture of Kloss hanging on the wall.


Taylor Swift and also Karlie Kloss room close friends. Raymond room / Getty pictures

The songstress and also the supermodel to be spotted walking with Manhattan number of times in April.

May 4, 2014: They took a photo together in ~ a friend"s birthday party

Kloss posted a picture with Swift and Kate Bosworth in ~ a party because that hairstylist bother Josh. The event took location at the jane Hotel in brand-new York City.

She captioned the picture: "I had actually fun with these Lovely ladies last night in ~ #HarrysParty."

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I had fun with these Lovely women last night in ~ #HarrysParty... Say thanks to you