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SynopsisAfter years of placing up with Takagi's teasing, Nishikata concerned realize that her presence in his life had come to be irreplaceable. Currently married, the job they invest together are more vibrant than ever, many thanks to the antics of your mischievous daughter, Chii. Affected by her mother, Chii has actually a habit of pulling pranks on she father, lot to his dismay. Return Chii tries come trick her mother as well, it appears that nobody in the family members can win the experienced teaser in ~ her own game. Even if the teasing competition in ~ the Nishikata family members seems never-ending, the is undeniable the their happy interactions have created precious memories because that the family, and also will proceed to execute so.


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(Warning: Slight bit of spoiler"Have girlfriend been analysis Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san and get tired of the lack of romantic progress? wondering if the pair will ever get a happy life forever after, so the you need to use your rarely functioning mind to come increase with how their life looks like in the future? fear not, Yamamoto-sensei does the for friend instead.Set in an ext than ten years in the future, Takagi and also Nishikita has already built up a young family with your daughter - Chii, the story adheres to the daily life the the household with Chii being the center of your activities. (Hol' up, so they're all Nishikita now, but you gain what ns mean).Story: 8/10The plot is simple, but enjoyable. Still complete of pranks by Takagi and also amusing reactions coming from Nishikita and also now, Chii. Yet you obtain to check out Takagi and also Nishikita being together as husband and also wife. I mean isn't that the significant purpose that you analysis this spin-off?Art: 9/10Simple yet full that live. No some chaos of a manga page, specifically like exactly how you mean Yamamoto-sensei would draw.Character: 9/10Oh come on, of food the personalities will get 9/10. Castle acts exactly how they were in their college days. Yet now you obtain to check out Chii v her dad's reaction face.Enjoyment: 8.5/10A light part of life which will certainly ease her mind and also heart after ~ a day of difficult work and studying (unless you're a NEET, then I'd doubt you've actually check out or to plan to check out this manga in ~ all) Overall: 8.5/10You acquire what you supposed from a spin-off of a romantic part of life manga. Nothing much to be said about except: "AAAAAWWWWWW."