Listen, we"re big fans the Kanye West, for this reason the idea the dressing favor him has crossed ours minds more than a couple of times even outside the Halloween. Granted, he"s a fashion god, for this reason it"s challenging to get that exact level the swag down, yet for Halloween, you"re enabled a small latitude so lengthy as girlfriend hit an approximation of the look. Go into us bearing the complying with Kanye West costume ideas. You might not be able to get her hands ~ above a genuine Margiela mask, yet with a tiny elbow grease, we"ll get you nice darn close.

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Margiela masked Kanye


The outfit itself is reasonably simple come replicate because Ye is big into minimalism best now, but you"ll need a crafty hand and this tutorial to really nail the gem-laden Margiela face-covering. The clothing (shoes, especially) can be a little bit of an investment, yet the great news is: They"re so cool, you"ll want to undertake them lengthy after Halloween.

+ Jacket: Forever 21 Colorblocked Bomber coat ($33)

+ Shirt: KNYEW E-Long Scoop Tee ($48)

+ Pants: Drifter Cade Sweatpants ($80)

+ Chain: H.H.B The 15MM Jumbo Cuban Chain Necklace in gold ($38)

+ Shoes: Ransom Alta Mid Desert boot ($140)

+ Head Form: 10 1/2" tall Foam Head type ($5)

+ Duct Tape: Staples utility Duct tape ($9)

+ Tweezers: e.l.f. Experienced Perfect Tweezers ($2)

+ Rhinestones: Darice The large One Bag the Round crystal Rhinestones ($15)

+ Fabric: Utility cloth Cargo Netting ($6)

+ hot Glue Gun: Surebonder dual Melt High/Low Temperature glue Gun ($10)

Sad Zipline Kanye


This to be Kanye"s biggest meme minute of the year, and thankfully, it"s another reasonably simple "fit. Simply swaddle you yourself in these and work on your ideal sullen expression.

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+ Tank: H&M Tank height ($10)

+ Pants: Valor Lynx Jogging trousers ($45)

+ Sweatbands: plain Wrist Sweatbands ($2)

+ Helmet: Men"s Macon EPS Helmet ($39)



Contrary to popular belief, you don"t have to be in a couple to it is in Kimye because that Halloween. Just acquire someone at Kinko"s Office—or wherever you get large (as in, 30" x 40") picture prints made—to hook you up v a large version that Kimye"s legend Vogue cover, cut a hole huge enough because that your face where Kanye"s is, add some straps for this reason you have the right to actually rest the board if you get tired of foam board approximately your mug every night, and voila! You room Kimye. If girlfriend prefer, you can likewise go the other method and below yourself in for Kim.

+ Foam Board: Office Depot Brand Foam plank ($18 for fill of 3)

+ X-Acto Knife: #2 Knife through Cap ($5)

+ Ribbon: 2 Inch black Grosgrain Ribbon 50 Yards ($9)

+ Glue: Elmer"s craft Bond towel And file Glue ($6