If girlfriend love her smile, you have the right to bookmark this tutorial together a way to admire your sweetie ~ above Valentine’s Day.

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In this tutorial, us will overview you on use Justin Bieber’s voice to tell her deepest secret to your lover with AV Voice Changer software Diamond (VCSD).

Click top top the steps listed below to startExpand every | please all

- ~ above the main panel, click the On/off (1) button turn top top the Voice Morpher panel. - move the cursor (2) top top the Pitch-Timbre graph (also called the Morpher graph) to readjust the voice.

- To attain the Justin"s voice, you can try with Pitch is 69% and Timbre is 68% favor per below image.

Note: due to the fact that each voice is defined on pitch and also timbre, the is recommended that you must try much more or much less to archive your many favorite pitch and also timbre parameters come sound prefer Justin Bieber most.


In the next step, girlfriend will discover on how to take benefit of some other powerful voice results in Voice Changer software application Diamond - the Equalizer and the Effects.

Step 2: improve the output voice with equalizer and effects

- expand the Advanced effects panel and also switch come the Equalizer tab.

- click the On/Off (1) button to turn the Equalizer on

- Make readjust to every slider at a time while speaking right into the microphone come pre-listening to how you sound like.

- The below parameters room recommended.


- move to Effects tab.

- click on the On/Off button (1) to turn the Effects on.

- check on Reject Instrumental checkbox of Band refuse Filter to pick (2).


- For instant use, you can download the Justin Bieber nickvoice from here.

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- come learn how to usage the preset of voice changer software, click here.

- Click below for more complimentary audio effects.


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