Selena Gomez and also Justin Bieber are in Jamaica because that his dad"s wedding, but they"ve had plenty of loved-up moment to themselves, too. Since arriving in the Caribbean previously this week, the couple has to be seen getting cozy and also engaging in many of PDA.

At one point, the two were checked out in their bathing suits—at what looked favor a resort—with their arms wrapped around each other. Bieber planted a kiss top top Gomez"s head throughout the embrace.

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A fan additionally caught the 2 of them having actually an intimate moment on a stairway, wherein they also had your arms wrapped roughly each other and seemed to be mid-conversation.

Despite staying relatively private and also low-key about their partnership in the U.S., Jelena seems to be holding nothing back on this trip. As an ext photos surfaced indigenous their expedition for Jeremy Bieber’s wedding, more sweet Jelena PDA moments were unveiled. They common some laughs at the wedding, they had actually drinks through some various other guests, and also they also hit the beach together.

Gomez even recorded a selfie with few of Bieber’s cousins. The singer and also actress went for a beach-boho look at in a pink floral pave dress, layered necklaces, and also an fish eye bracelet. Though she rotate heads through extra-long hair and bangs in ~ fashion week, she was ago to she old ‘do top top vacay and also wore she wavy shoulder-length tresses under or in a loosened ponytail.

Bieber, top top the other hand, matched through his dad in a white polo and also pink shorts.

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The couple"s Caribbean getaway follows their recent Valentine"s day outing, which had a church company and sophisticated dinner at the Beverly Hills hotel. "They had actually been apart because that a couple of days and seemed happy to it is in reunited," a resource told People.

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