Four month after announcing they were expecting with the cutest viral video clip ever, Justin Baldoni and also his wife, Emily, have welcomed their an initial child, his rep confirms specifically to Us Weekly.

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Their infant girl, Maiya elegant Baldoni, to be born on Saturday, June 27. Little Maiya sweet in in ~ 8 pounds and also was 21 inches.


Justin Baldoni poses with his mam Emily Baldoni. Michael Kovac/WireImage

“The birth of our tiny Maiya was the most beautiful and also spiritual experience we have ever before had,” the couple tells Us exclusively. “Having her at home in our bed and being able come sing and also pray as she gone into this human being while holding she in the quiet that our home is miscellaneous we will cherish forever. Our hearts room exploding with love… ‘In the human being of existence there is no much more powerful magnet 보다 the magnet the love. – ‘Abdu’l-Bahá."”

Prior to coming to be parents, Baldoni, 31, that plays Jane the Virgin’s biological baby dad in the hit CW series which return in October, take it his ladylove top top a babymoon this past April.


Justin Baldoni holds daughter Maiya elegant Baldoni. Courtesy Justin Baldoni

“We went to Haifa, Israel, to watch the beautiful Bahai Gardens. We checked out Rome. We checked out Milan. It to be amazing,” that gushed to Us in ~ the 36th College tv Awards. “I’m a Baha’i, and also so is Emily, and we wanted to be pregnant in the holy Land there and just absorb the beautiful energy and also the prayers and get a opportunity to experience that,” he included of your trip.

The actor’s 2013 proposal to Emily went equally together viral as their sweet baby announcement. Popping the inquiry at Blu Jam café in Sherman Oaks, Calif., wherein they had their first date, the 27-minute quick film has actually now been perceived by almost 11 million people.

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