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I've viewed Fire and I've seen Rain Lyrics

Just yesterday morning, they allow me understand you were gone.Susanne, the plans lock made placed an finish to you.I walked the end this morning, and I wrote down this song, I simply can't remember who to send the to.I've viewed fire and also I've seen rain;I've checked out sunny days that I thought would never end;I've watched lonely times when I might not discover a friend, however I constantly thought that I'd check out you again.Won't you look down upon me, Jesus; You've obtained to assist me do a stand,;You've just obtained to check out me through an additional day.My body's aching and also my time is in ~ hand, and I won't make it any kind of other way. Oh, I've watched fire, and I've viewed rain; I've viewed sunny days that I assumed would never end;I've viewed lonely times once I could not discover a friend,But I always thought that I'd watch you again. Been walking mine mind to simple time, my earlier turned towards the sun;Lord knows, as soon as the cold wind blows it'll revolve your head around.Well, there's hours of time on the telephone line to talk about things to come;Sweet dreams and also flying makers in piece on the ground.Oh, I've viewed fire and also I've checked out rain; I've seen sunny days the I believed would never end;I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend,But I always thought the I'd watch you, baby, one an ext time again, now. Believed I'd view you one more time again;There's just a couple of things comes my means this time around, now;Thought I'd watch you, believed I'd view you fire and rain, now.

James Taylor text Explained

James Taylor wrote and also sang this song, i beg your pardon was influenced by a girlfriend of his that died. ~ recorded, this tune elevated him come a pop star at 22 as soon as it became a hit.

Taylor proclaimed that he created this tune three different times transparent 1968. His writing began while he to be auditioning in London because that The Beatles' to apologize Records. Climate Taylor wrote an ext of that while he continued to be in a Manhattan Hospital. Although he perfect it once he to be at the Austin Riggs Center, wherein he was staying for medicine rehabilitation. In 1972 Taylor stated:

"Fire and Rain" has actually three verses. The first verse is about my reaction to the fatality of a friend. The 2nd verse is around my arrival in this country with a monkey on my back, and there Jesus is an expression of mine desperation in trying to acquire through the time once my body to be aching and the time was at your disposal when I had to perform it... And the 3rd verse of that song describes my recuperation in Austin Riggs i m sorry lasted about five months.

Although he composed this at only 20 years old, that touches people of every ages and is still appropriate forty plus years later.

Young James Taylor


First Verse

Just yesterday morning they let me recognize you to be goneI simply can't remember that to send the toSusanne the plans castle made placed an finish to youI walked the end this morning and also I created down this song

When he refers to Susanne, he is referring to Susanne Schnerr. Taylor states he used to get high with her and knew her fairly well. He met she in new York throughout 1967 and also hung out v her quite regularly when that was component of a group referred to as The flying Machine. The flying Machine to be the group where he began to become successful together a musician and writer.

Susanne, or that Taylor affectionately refers to as Suzie, committed suicide. He was living in London with common friends. Since his career started lifting off and also his fame grew, his friends waited until later on to provide him the news, due to the fact that they knew Taylor was so excited about his upcoming record deal. He didn't uncover out around her suicide until 6 months later.

He additionally states in one interview that he constantly felt bad around the line, "The plans lock made put an finish to you," because people have made assumptions to who "they" are. The intended 'they' to it is in the Fates. His greatest are afraid was that her parents thought he blamed them. He did not.

James Taylor in ~ the 120th Anniversary that Carnegie Hall.

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James Taylor on phase performing at Tanglewood.

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Third Verse

Has to be walking mine mind to straightforward time my earlier turned in the direction of the sun Lord knows when the cold wind blows it'll revolve your head roughly Well, there's hours of time ~ above the telephone heat to talk around things to come Sweet dreams and also flying equipments in piece on the ground

Earlier, during his senior year in high school, he had been cure at a hospital for depression. He and a friend, Danny Kortchmar, started a band called the paris Machine. It to be a blessing in disguise as soon as the team failed just a few months after that started, and he began his solo career. The last heat is referring to this band and his earlier attempts at finding success as a writer.

Fire and Rain remains and probably always will be among my favourite songs. It touch me on a deep level. Return I've never ever experienced depression or drug addiction, i still know how it feeling to be on the bottom, hoping because that a moment to arise. Life is like a roller coaster, numerous ups and also downs, scary at times, exhilarating, and sometimes simply plain annoying.

Questions & Answers

Question: In the line, "But I always thought the I'd view you again," to whom is the word "you" referring in the poem "Fire and also Rain"?

Answer: His girlfriend Suzanne Shnerr who had committed suicide.

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Kelly Ann Christensen indigenous Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas top top February 01, 2020:

I simply love James Taylor and this song. In the days and also years complying with my mother's death, it would remind me the her. I constantly thought that ns would check out you again, but she was gone. Thanks for the enjoyable and interesting article.

Jean Bakula from brand-new Jersey on march 10, 2017:

He has actually such a distinctive voice, you can always tell it's him as soon as he helps out a girlfriend or also plays an instrument. He plays the banjo component on Neil Young's Old Man. I wish he stayed with Carly Simon, she loved him so much.

Nellieanna Hay indigenous TEXAS on may 26, 2014:

I uncovered your hub from one of the "Related Hubs" on one more hub ns was visiting. Glad ns did!

What a lover hub! ns adore James Taylor and have because I first heard that in the 60s once my boy in high college was complying with his work. Say thanks to you for bringing the end this 'history' of among his many beloved songs. It gets my votes!

I tried for a great while to play his song on piano. They're not an extremely adaptable to it. One time, though, it just pertained to me and also I to be able to do a fairly an excellent job of it. Very satisfying.

Nellieanna Hay native TEXAS on might 26, 2014:

What a lover hub! i adore James Taylor and also have since I very first heard that in the 60s. Give thanks to you because that bringing the end this 'history' of among his most beloved songs. It gets my votes!

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) native United states on June 02, 2012:

He yes, really is fairly the genius, he is one of my all time favourite singers.

Winsome from southerly California by way of Texas ~ above June 02, 2012:

Hi A_M, give thanks to you for the explanation. I had actually no idea he wrote the verses so far apart. I simply finished a song I started numerous years ago, for this reason I execute understand just how that happens. Ns read as soon as that when he heard human being say the his songs every sounded the exact same that he to be surprised. He claimed he functions to differ his songs and also structure that the music however that that just has a small lens they all come out of and also so it just sounds choose that.

I agree through him, his songs room not as easy to play as you could think if you actually play them together he does. That's a little bit of genius there. =:)

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) indigenous United claims on might 19, 2012:

It truly is a sad story. My heart feels hefty every time ns hear those words.

Eric Calderwood native USA on may 19, 2012:

I remember listening come this tune as a young child. I always thought the whole song was around "Susan" and the heat "the plans lock made placed an finish to you" described some conspiracy in i beg your pardon she was murdered. Currently I recognize the real story. Many thanks for a good hub.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) indigenous United claims on September 22, 2010:

Your welcome. James Taylor is one of my all-time favourite singers. I could listen to him song all job long. I think he is one of the couple of celebrities that ns would lose all verbal functioning around! I'd just stand over there in awe!

heart4theword native hub on September 21, 2010:

Have come say I've constantly liked the song, yet never ever read or brand-new anything around the singer...or the story behind the song. Thanks for sharing!

He is among the couple of musicians who has actually remained a an effective musical pressure for much more than fifty percent of your lives!

TomTipton native Hollywood, CA top top September 02, 2010:

Thanks because that the Hub angela_michelle.

When lyrics, melody, and also emotion collide, you have a classic - something that never grows old. James is in (what I would call) the 3rd act that his job now yet he still sings and also plays with the very same fervor that his early on days. I still love come hear the sing

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) native United says on respectable 24, 2010:

SteveoMc, the reason behind the story really moved me the very first time ns heard it. Ns wish my computer system had speakers, otherwise ns would add a video. I simply can't call if the video I would add would be top quality or not.

SteveoMc from Pacific NorthWest on respectable 24, 2010:

I love this song and I was relocated by the explanation. Say thanks to you therefore much. I desire to hear it appropriate now. Also, rated up and also awesome. Exorbitant hub.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United claims on respectable 23, 2010:

Thanks so lot Minnetonka pair for rating the up. Yeah, he appears to be one of those artist that resides a good life not simply a an excellent singer. He doesn't seem to try to hide that he is either.

Linda Rogers native Minnesota on august 23, 2010:

I rated this hub Up, Awesome and also Beautiful as it is very inspiring. Ns have always had a large place in mine heart because that James Taylor. I followed him and also his life as he struggled through demons and also followed hin together a great and significant artist. I always thought it was cool the someone this renowned went top top children's shows favor Sesame Street. He certainly knows exactly how blessed he is come be life a clean and sober life now and it reflects in exactly how he gives back. Thanks for a really enlightening hub.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) indigenous United says on respectable 23, 2010:

ainehannah, honestly, i am a substantial James Taylor song, over there is simply a few songs of his i don't adore.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United claims on august 23, 2010:

mhuze, i love all the good memories the we have in our stays that are brought out by a details song.

Coffeesnob, one point I find really interesting is that many performers will certainly say they have actually a common personality, then they have actually a stage personality. James Taylor actually stated in one interview the he is himself in his music. He acted as if that was not very creative and he lacked imagination, yet personally i think it's type of refreshing.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United claims on respectable 23, 2010:

FCE tier, oh, I should see if I deserve to netflix it, i think ns would reap it.

Aine O'Connor indigenous Dublin on respectable 23, 2010:

Hi Angela Michelle, good to understand the background to a standard such as this. An additional album the his that featured Carol King's increase On The Roof and his own Handyman native 1979 to be a big, big favourite that mine back in the day. Choose mhuze, many thanks for bringing back a an excellent memory :0)

mhuze native USA on august 20, 2010:

Listened come this album on mine Mom's old console stereo. Many thanks for bringing back a good memory.

coffeesnob on respectable 20, 2010:

Nice hub...I offered to be all around James Taylor..always liked his music.. Isn't that a neat thing to have the ability to get a glimpse at what is behind the scenes in the psychic of the artist. Many who write pour out experiences in some form..

Chip indigenous Cold hill on respectable 20, 2010:

I have the DVD the JT and Carole King -- great!

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) indigenous United claims on respectable 19, 2010:

Valerie, ns love once you can find a tune that simply really hits home, and helps you gain through several of the short moments. :)

valeriebelew from subway Atlanta, GA, USA on respectable 19, 2010:

Loved this angela_michelle. I've knowledgeable both depression and a drug problem, and also I'm here to say the text hit home. Wonderful hub. Poll up and awesome. (:v

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) native United states on respectable 19, 2010:

Bayoulady, girlfriend should absolutely do one. :) i was thinking about writing around Frederick Doublass, the ex-slave. Impressive story, that really opens up your eyes to the terribleness of slavery.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United says on august 19, 2010:

Tonymac, I never knew everyone had ever before redone the song. Ns wish the speaker on my computer were functioning otherwise I would certainly youtube it.

bayoulady from northern Louisiana,USA on respectable 19, 2010:

James Taylor's smooth voice, oh my. Haven't thought of him because that a long time.i to be enjoying every one of the biographies I've to be seeing lately on the hubs, think I can do one myself.Rate up!

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) indigenous United says on respectable 19, 2010:

Thank you so lot Healing Touch I evaluate that!

Tony McGregor from south Africa on respectable 19, 2010:

This is a very informative Hub around a song I have loved for countless years. Interestingly I first heard the Joan Baez version and also loved it, only lagter heard the a Taylor version and have to be a fan ever since.

The song constantly intrigued me therefore I'm grateful for the background story.

Thanks for sharing this.

Love and also peace


Angela Michelle Schultz (author) indigenous United claims on august 19, 2010:

Thanks Aunt Barb!

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) native United states on august 19, 2010:

Mentalist Acer, well, I used to have actually the Muppet's Christmas ~ above 8-track, ns hope friend still have actually your 8-track! That would be yes, really awesome. Not rather as cool as having actually a record, but still pretty neat.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) indigenous United claims on respectable 19, 2010:

Dave Matthews, that is specifically how ns feel about knowing the elevator of it.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) native United states on august 19, 2010:

Samsons, I'm additionally a huge fan! Obviously!

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) indigenous United says on respectable 19, 2010:

Fred Allen, I might just have to uncover one. I am surprised ns didn't think around it. Of food the sound on my computer is at this time broken, so ns haven't been putting videos on, because I don't recognize what people are high quality or not.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) indigenous United states on respectable 19, 2010:

Dahoglund, i think it was finding out this plenty of years ago, is what led to me to become a large James Taylor fan.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) native United claims on august 19, 2010:

DiamondRN, that surprises me how few call ~ above Jesus in mine generation. Generations past, in ~ the Academy Awards lock would give thanks to God, girlfriend don't hear that quite as much as you offered to.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) indigenous United states on august 19, 2010:

Ecoggins, I have actually a proposition for you. If you make a youtube video doing your James Taylor impression, I'll placed it up on ths hub! LOL> I'd love to watch it. :)

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) native United states on respectable 19, 2010:

Pamela, i think me and you have actually a lot of in common. Us seem to like lot the same things. :)

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) native United claims on august 19, 2010:

zzron, Thanks. Ns actually would certainly agree v you, yet there is something hypnotizing v James Taylor's voice. Ns absolutely love to hear him sing. Generally I favor things an ext upbeat.

Laura Arne indigenous Minnetonka, MN on respectable 19, 2010:

I to be a total James Taylor Fan. You had actually me in ~ Hello. Ns tweeted this one. Great hub.

Healing touch

Barbara Badder indigenous USA on august 19, 2010:

Hmm. I constantly liked this song, yet I never ever noticed he dubbed on Jesus either. I took pleasure in reading this hub. Thanks Angela.

Mentalist acer from A Voice in your Mind! on august 19, 2010:

I used to have him ~ above 8-track and also cassette,I wore him outLol;)

Dave Mathews from north YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA on respectable 19, 2010:

Angela_Michelle: I've constantly enjoyed this tune from James Taylor, and also now knowing an ext about the I have the right to have a deeper appreciation because that the track still.

Brother Dave.

Sam from Tennessee on august 19, 2010:

beautiful, I constantly liked James Taylor.

fred allen native Myrtle coast SC on august 19, 2010:

Wish you can have fastened a performance of the song. Love the hub! ns love great peotry. It screens the soul of the poet. The goes deeper than the words and also the pictures they conjure. Most simply scratch the surface of what is yes, really being revealed. You destruction deep. I choose that.

Don A. Hoglund indigenous Wisconsin Rapids on respectable 19, 2010:

I've never ever really listened lot to Taylor but this is an amazing story around him.

Bob Diamond RPh indigenous Charlotte, NC USA on respectable 19, 2010:

I had never listened to all of the indigenous before. Ns wasn't conscious of his call on Jesus. Much more people who are in trouble have to do the same. Thanks.

ecoggins native Corona, California on august 19, 2010:

My favourite singer impression is to carry out James Taylor. Ns love his songs. Many thanks for sharing this hub.

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Pamela Oglesby from sunny Florida on respectable 19, 2010:

I appreciated this hub and also like that certain song also as, plenty of others the James Taylor.