“Don’t prevent Believin'” to be released as a single off of Journey’s hugely successful album Escape. Come many, this track is considered the critical Journey track. AllMusic’s Mike… review More 

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Just a small-town girlLivin' in a lonely worldShe take it the midnight train goin' anywhereJust a city boyBorn and raised in southern DetroitHe took the midnight train goin' anywhereA singer in a smoky roomThe smell of wine and cheap perfumeFor a smile, they can share the nightIt go on and on and also on and also onStrangers waitin'Up and also down the boulevardTheir shadows searchin' in the nightStreetlight peopleLivin' simply to discover emotionHidin' somewhere in the nightWorkin' tough to gain my fillEverybody wants a thrillPayin' anything to role the dice just one an ext timeSome will win, some will loseSome space born to sing the bluesOh, the movie never ever endsIt goes on and also on and on and also on

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Strangers waitin'Up and also down the boulevardTheir shadows searchin' in the nightStreetlight peopleLivin' simply to find emotionHidin' somewhere in the nightDon't prevent believin'Hold top top to that feelingStreetlight peopleDon't stop believin'Hold onStreetlight peopleDon't avoid believin'Hold ~ above to the feelingStreetlight people
“Don’t avoid Believin"” to be released as a single off that Journey’s hugely effective album Escape. To many, this track is thought about the definitive Journey track. AllMusic’s Mike DeGagne described it together “an anthem for the young who wanted to feel complimentary and unrestricted”, whilst The Guardian’s Dorian Lynskey called it “the power ballad that refused come die”.

Although the track only reached #8 at the moment of that release, it has actually grown much more popular together the years have gone by with its usage in movies, tv (most notably The Sopranos and also Glee) and pop society in general. In November 2008, it ended up being the an initial song come be downloaded 2 million times from iTunes. Three years later, it was the top-selling catalogue track in iTunes history, with over 5 million digital duplicates sold.

This is among 12 monitor re-recorded by the band through their brand-new vocalist Arnel Pineda for your 2008 twin album Revelation.