Shingo Kazami is a federal veterinarian that works at a breed cub Hygiene company Center. One day, Shingo finds himself all of sudden summoned to an additional world. The prince of the world he is summoned to asks Shingo to help him save the human being of his land. The soil is a fantasy civilization filled with magic and monsters. However, because civilization, science and medicine space undeveloped, many people die from an illness and organic disasters... What sort of vet lets lives it is in taken there is no trying to safeguard the people and animals? He might not it is in the strongest fighter, but when he sees the scenarios of the brand-new world, he vow to execute all he deserve to to save as numerous lives as he can...

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A young pharmacologist and researcher in Japan passed away from overworking, and also was reincarnated in a medieval Parallel Europe. He to be reincarnated as a 10-year-old apprentice to a renowned Royal Court pharmacist, had actually attained one inhuman skills of ability to see with disease, material creation, and material destruction.He will supply the commoners a truly effective medicine the was arisen using existing day pharmacology.

TagsAdventureDramaFantasyCheatsDoctorsIsekaiMedicalMedievalModern KnowledgeOverpowered key CharactersPerson in a weird WorldReincarnationKujoninVol: 3+; Ch: 18+Comp Ace2017 - ?

An exterminator dies and finds himself in a fantasy world, without any type of skill with the knife or wand he carries on doing what he knows best.

TagsActionAdventureComedyEcchiFantasyHaremShounenSlice of LifeGuildsHiatusIsekaiModern KnowledgeMonstersPerson in a strange WorldReincarnationRPGDrugstore in an additional World: The slow Life of a Cheat PharmacistVol: 4+; Ch: 27+Web Comic Gamma Plus2018 - ?

Corporate drone Reiji is transported come a fantasy world, where he discovers the he can craft potions at a greater level 보다 his rank need to allow. Taking benefit of this, Reiji renders a tidy profit--enough to open his own drugstore. One elf who can"t aim his bow? provide him some eye drops! A dragon who accidentally breathes fire? cough syrup! Reiji"s brand-new relaxing life the making medicine for fantasy creatures is around to begin!

TagsComedyFantasyAnimal CharacteristicsIsekaiMedicalPerson in a weird WorldSlow LifeAdapted come AnimeInu no Oisha-sanVol: 12001

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TagsMedicalPetsBoku come Shippo to KagurazakaVol: 12; Ch: 54Office YOU2012 - 2017

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TagsJoseiMedicalPetsShippomachi no "ko" SenseiVol: 5+; Ch: 24+Office YOU2017 - ?

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TagsJoseiSlice the LifeMedicalPetsOide yo Doubutsu Byouin!Vol: 15; Ch: 66Office YOU2007 - 2012

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