Police in Mexico’s north state of Tamaulipas have arrested six people suspected of kidnapping and also killing the father and also brother ofhelmer Alejandro Monteverde (Bella).

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The suspects room allegedly tied come 20 abbot or murder cases, and at the time of arrest the six men were holding five main American migrants for ransom, follow to Mexican day-to-day Excelsior.

Monteverde’s father, Juan Manuel Gomez Fernandez, and his brother, Juan Manuel Gomez Monteverde, were kidnapped if leaving their Tamaulipas house on Sept. 4.

Their body were found on Sept. 19 in the Gulf coastline state the Veracruz. Follow to network Televisa, the family had met the kidnappers’ ransom demands, however the victims were never released.

Monteverde is the manager of the Toronto movie fest People’s choice Award winner Bella and also Little Boy, a human being War II period piece special Emily Watson.

Monteverde’s wife, previous Miss USA Ali Landry, is one actress (Eve) and also television producer (Hollywood girls Night).

Mexico has seen rise in kidnappings and extortion situations in current years due generally to rampant gang-related violence.

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