If Edward Snowden wants to slip ago into the U.S. Without getting noticed, possibly he need to start taking notes native the male who is playing him in Oliver Stone’s upcoming film.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt puthis drumming skills on screen with a subway platform performance at the Red Line stop at Vermont and Sunset in Los Angeles — and also no one known him.

In the video Gordon-Levitt common on YouTube, passersby definitely stop and take notification of the sharply dressed drummer, however he gets determined as Pee-Wee Herman, not Arthur native Inception.

The musical set was part of an initiative called “Everyday Spectacular,” a collaboration between Gordon-Levitt’s production firm HitRecord and LG that calls on entertainers to placed on voluntary performances for the public and also then upload the results to the web.

Many the the civilization who’ve added videos come the new project thus much are relative unknowns, as is — at the very least apparently in L.A. — Gordon-Levitt himself.

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