Two brother on trial for murder satellite grimly with their top bowed as shade pictures of their parents’ shotgun-blasted bodies to be pinned increase in court for jurors to study Tuesday.

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The autopsy photos had one of Kitty Menendez’s nude body laid out to display the crimson wounds where shotgun pellets tore with her face, chest, collarbone and rib cage.

Jose Menendez’s head was seen from the ago with a gaping hole in the optimal of his scalp.

“It’s a deadly wound, massive injury to the skull and also brain,” Deputy medical Examiner Irwin gold testified, recounting the autopsies the performed top top the couple, that were slain Aug. 20, 1989.

The Menendezes were eliminated in the den of their $4-million Beverly Hills mansion, whereby they had been city hall television.

Golden stated it showed up that the to chat executive had been shot in ~ close variety with the muzzle the the gun against his head.

However, the said many of the shots to be fired at a distance.

Jose Menendez also was fight in the arms and also thigh.

The victims’ sons, Erik and Lyle, recognize shooting their parents yet claim it to be self-defense after year of physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

Erik, 22, showed up distressed together he listened come the coroner’s testimony. His lawyer, Leslie Abramson, patted his ago in a comforting manner. Lyle, 25, satellite holding a hand come his forehead.

Both defendants maintained their heads down and also did no look at the photographs shown on 2 bulletin boards for the 2 juries hearing the brothers’ cases simultaneously.

The courtroom was hushed as gold told just how Jose Menendez to be shot five times and his mam 10 time by blasts that scattered pellets through their bodies.

“The cause of death,” said Golden, “was lot of gunshot wounds.”

The defense suggested to keep the photos from being shown, maintaining that the prosecution’s objective was to inflame the jury, not to shed light on the cause of death.

Superior Court judge Stanley Weisberg claimed the prosecution offered the smallest number of photos required to show the violence that occurred.

“The prosecution has been very circumspect in not providing photographs mirroring the blood and gore that was there,” he said.

He also noted that the defense has raised the worry of “overkill,” completing that the brothers to be so spend by are afraid of their parents the they shot them many more times 보다 was vital to kill them.

“Aren’t this photographs proof of the overkill?” asked the judge.

Defense lawyer Michael Burt said golden would no be providing an opinion ~ above overkill and said the worry easily can be handle by other specialists from reading an autopsy report fairly than reflecting gruesome pictures.

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Deputy Dist. Atty. Pamela Bozanich stated she to be being border in her presentation the the six photos.