experience A Night of Hope through Joel Osteen

The ever-optimistic megachurch pastor and also televangelist Joel Osteen is coming to a city near you! do plans now to attend one of these inspirational nights of hope, worship and also encouragement in cities across America. Every evening willinclude a praise music session led by the church"s music ministry and a sermon native Osteen.

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Joel take it up the mantle the preacher in 1999, just after his father and also the founder of Lakewood Church man Osteen died. V perseverance, hope and dedication, he has turned his father"s legacy right into one that the fastest cultivation ministries in America. Joel is additionally one of the most watched inspirational figures and with a blog post of peace and positivity, it"s simple to check out why!



Performance date: 11 respectable 2017


Suitable because that ages

Run time

Two come 2 1/2 hrs with no intermission

3 reviews, typical rating: (4.0 Stars)


Michael : “Great show”

I saw, pastor Osteen years ago here in Boston it was awesome then... More

Anonymous: “Joel Osteen”

Loved the evening present yesterday. The message was top top point, and the entire... More


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